Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hidden Comments

I posted a short comment on another blog about Roxon sacking the health ambassador Warwick Marsh. The author of that blog, “Z” was reluctant to post on my blog so I've copied and pasted his full comment here.

Z said...

S.H., I was going to comment on your own blog, but I see you've got moderation enabled by default. Since I don't know if you'll ever let the truth see the light of day if I write there, I'll respond here instead.

It's depressing seeing so many of the same tired old anti-gay lies misrepresented as big capital-letter-deserving "FACT" in your anti-gay screed. Your very first so-called "FACT" cherry-picks a single psychiatrist's unsubstantiated personal opinion while conveniently ignoring the official stance of every single mental health organisation that's ever actually studied the issue. What qualifications does Mr Rojas have to claim special knowledge about homosexuality which contradicts the claims of all the psychiatrists and psychologists who have made formal study of homosexuality, and concluded that there was nothing wrong with it? Dr Rojas' fabricated claims about how "studies show 70-80 percent chance that child adopted by homosexuals will develop same tendencies" don't suggest that he's speaking objectively here.

Your second "FACT" repeats the Worldnet Daily lie that Michael Glatze is now claming to be "straight". That headline was editorialisation, since no ex-gay ever claims to be straight, which you would know if you'd ever actually had any interaction with them outside of the lies you read in anti-gay propaganda. They say something like "I'm on a journey which I hope will bring me to heterosexuality eventually" or "I no longer think of myself as homosexual" (even when they're constantly tempted by sexual thoughts about men). I don't know if Mr Glatze will also be caught in a gay bar or having sex with another man the way so many other "former" homosexuals, like John Paulk, have been, but we shall see.

Your final "FACT" repeats an alleged statistic whose original source in an alleged FRC report has oh-so-conveniently disappeared from the FRC website. This is not surprising because the only source of the "1 in 3" lie is Dr Paul Cameron, whose frauds are so obvious and egregious that anti-gay groups routinely have to take down their "fact" sheets when their reliance on Dr Cameron's fraud is publicly exposed. Of course, the damage his lies cause has already been done by the time they get around to doing that, as can be seen by your gullible repetition of his lies.

Please, if you're going to make a post about "FACTS", make sure that you actually post some next time.

Let's see now....if you conform to typical anti-gay stereotype, you will now insist that your lies and fraudulent statistics are really true, but you won't make any genuine effort to substantiate them beyond repeating the insufficient evidence that you've provided as if it really is sufficient, and will start screaming something about "gay agenda" or "militant homosexual activist" at me to try to distract from your failure to provide any real evidence for your anti-gay smears.

I appreciate “Z” that you have an opinion on this topic but where is your evidence to support your beliefs?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roxon Sacks Health Ambassador

Radical Anti Family Minister Nicola Roxon has sacked Warwick Marsh who she appointed just two days ago as a men's health ambassador because of what she described as his abhorrent views on homosexuality.

Warwick Marsh from the Fatherhood Foundation refused to distance himself from a document which describes homosexuality as a mental disorder and links gay men to pedophilia.

But she has kept on another man who is named as a co-author of the publication, Barry Williams from the Lone Fathers Association, because he repudiated the views expressed in the document.

Gay rights groups say that's not good enough, and they are calling for him to be sacked too.

"21 Reasons Why Gender Matters" is the title of document published last year by the Fatherhood Foundation.

It refers to homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender relationships as gender disorientation pathologies, and says these are preventable and treatable. It also states that while most homosexuals do not abuse children and most are not pedophiles, a significant number do and are.

FACT Eminent psychiatrist says homosexuality is a disorder that can be cured.

FACT How a 'gay rights' leader became straight.

FACT Homosexuals are over represented in child sex offenses: Those among the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is sexually attracted to the same sex are committing up to one-third of the sex crimes against children.

The Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says she's appalled by the views of Warwick Marsh of the Fatherhood Foundation:

Even though homosexuals are more likely to sexually abuse children Minister Roxon does not want people speaking out against them.

Who knows why? Perhaps if she narrow mindedly supports the homosexual agenda she will get to keep her job or even get a promotion.

Not so for Warwick Marsh, he stood up for the truth and lost his job over it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Men Lash Out At Anti-gay Claims

Extreme feminists claim some of the appointees of the “Men's Health” ambassadors are homophobic - and another ambassador has suggested gay men can change and become heterosexuals.

Claims have surfaced today that two of the appointees, “Lone Father's Association” head Barry Williams and Warwick Marsh, are anti-gay.

Mr Marsh, president of the Fatherhood Foundation, told The Australian Online that homosexual issues were just "1.6 per cent of the population".

Well done Mr Marsh you are correct. According to two researchers, Paul Cameron, Ph.D. & Kirk Cameron, Ph.D. the largest random sex survey ever conducted has reported that only 1.4% of adults engaged in homosexual behavior.

Mr Marsh went on to say "If you are asking me if I hate homosexuals, I just think that's ridiculous,'' he said. "People don't have to be... they can change. We've got a document we've put together with former gays and lesbians.

Correct Mr Marsh according to Spanish psychiatrist Enrique Rojas, homosexuality is a disorder that can be cured.

Read a testimony about a man's healing from same sex attraction.

Help is available for people who suffer from same sex attraction at Courage Apostolate

Mr Marsh went on to say many women who suffer from same sex attraction were sexually abused women rebelling against a "gender wound".

Correct Mr Marsh, If a father (or another male) abuses a girl, she may subconsciously think, “Men must all be like you, and no man will do that to me! I don’t want to be hurt that way again.

The same sex attraction disorder, according to Rojas, is the result of an absent father, overweening mother, or sexual abuse in childhood.

Mr Marsh went on to say "They're rebelling. They actually end up hating the gender that's hurt them. Ultimately the really sad thing is...have you talked to people with AIDS? I don't like to see people get AIDS and get abused and a trail of destruction. The bottom line is there's heightened levels of drug abuse and suicide."

Correct again Mr Marsh a new study in the United Kingdom has revealed that homosexuals are about 50% more likely to suffer from depression and engage in substance abuse than the rest of the population.

Mr Williams, president of the Lone Fathers Association, rejected any suggestion he was homophobic.

"Look I have nothing against gay people. This story has been set up by a few extreme feminists who hate our guts,'' he told The Australian Online. "That's because we believe in shared care when marriages break up. Mr Williams said "some my best friends are gay people". "If I was against gay people I would have had nothing to do with them,'' he said. "There's just two extreme feminists who have their nose out of joint because the Government is starting to listen that kids need both parents." "It's not that I am against gay people. I've got no real opinion on gay men becoming dads. I do believe children need a mother and a father, I will be honest about that."

Countless sociological studies testify to the fact that children are at risk when a father or mother is absent. Problems range from an increase in criminal behavior to substance abuse and psychological problems.

According to studies from the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, there is a 70-80 percent chance that a child adopted by homosexuals will develop the same tendencies.

Don't be fooled by the use of the word homophobic. The term homophobic refers to fear of homosexuality. This term often is used by homosexual activists to end rational discussion of the issue by accusing their opponents of having an irrational fear. This is unjust. One can disagree with and be critical of a behavior without having a fear of it. When the charge of "homophobia" is made, it signifies that those making the accusation do not have reasoned responses to their critics, so they switch to portraying their critics as irrational rather than responding to their arguments.

So is there a crime in being anti-gay? What does this mean anyway anti-gay? Opposed to the homosexual lifestyle perhaps. So what is wrong with disagreeing about someone elses behaviour? Isn't this the age of tolerance where we tolerate each others ideas and beliefs? There are some lifestyles we should never tolerate.

It seems that Barry Williams and Warwick Marsh have some good sound advice for us concerning same sex attraction with research evidence to back it up.

After writing this article I saw online that the Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon today sacked co-author Warwick Marsh after he refused to alter his opinions on the homosexual lifestyle.

This indicates an unwillingness on the part of the Federal Government to listen to the views of people who dissent from the politically correct norms of recent years.

"It is an obvious contradiction when those who pride themselves on being "inclusive", exclude the views of a well researched document. It is appalling when elected representatives engage in this practice."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

SA Bill to Allow Dead Partner's Sperm in IVF

Legislation is about to go to the South Australian Parliament which the Government says will make IVF treatment available to more couples. The proposed changes would allow use of a dead partner's sperm. The bill is expected to be put to a conscience vote.

This sounds like a law which will allow Australia's privatised IVF industry to make more money. Introducing laws which allow more women to access IVF means more business which means more profits. See my previous article IVF patient numbers surge by 17%.

SA Health Minister John Hill says currently only infertile couples, or those who are likely pass on a genetic defect, are allowed to use IVF. This is interesting, the law is suggesting that a couple who are likely to conceive a child with a genetic defect should use IVF. I expect it is easier to get rid of the defective babies first before they implant. It is much harder to have the mother carry the child for 8 weeks and then discover it has a genetic defect.

I think the South Australian government is trying to outdo the Victorians in their discrimination against unborn disabled people. This is how you go about designing your own baby. If the little person does not come up to scratch you can get rid of them.

Sheree Blake was given written consent from her husband to use his stored sperm before he died of leukaemia in May. She has been unable to use IVF under current laws. Ms Blake says news of the proposed change comes at a perfect time as today would have been the couple's first anniversary.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Standing Together To Combat Relativism

A Meeting between the leaders of a Catholic charity and a Russian Orthodox prelate has been hailed as an important step forward in ecumenical co-operation aimed at stemming the tide of secularism.

Representatives of Aid to the Church in Need met in Moscow with Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad to express the need for joint action to oppose the creeping spread of relativism.

Concerns about developments in modern culture were a key theme of the meeting between Metropolitan Kirill, who is chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department of external church relations, and the ACN delegation led by international president Father JoaquĆ­n Alliende and secretary general Pierre-Marie Morel.

During the discussions there was wide agreement on the need for a common position defending Christian ethics and the Christian world view, against a decline in moral values and growing moral relativism.

Shortly before his election to the Holy See, Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against the “dictatorship of relativism, which does not recognise anything as definitive and has as its highest value one’s own ego and one’s own desires”.

In an interview in Murcia, Spain, in 2002, Ratzinger(Pope Benedict XVI) suggested that relativism remains the largest problem for those who wish to convince others of the truths of Catholic belief. He noted that general opinion today holds that "whoever is not a relativist is someone who is intolerant. To think that one can understand the essential truth is already seen as something intolerant." The pope suggests that there is a dilemma regarding doctrine and dialogue: On the one hand, the denial of absolute truth overturns the permanence of Christian doctrine, while on the other, to maintain the certainty of truth often is taken by non-Catholics as intolerance for other religious or worldviews. In other words, the issue for many is one of freedom, and relativism provides a sense of being liberated from an accountability to truth.

Relativism and pluralism are linked, for any assertion that one religion cannot be the bearer of absolute truth draws the conclusion that all religions are of equal value. The religious pluralism caused by relativism leads to a mentality of indifferentism that, as Pope John Paul II stated in Redemptoris Missio, is

"characterized by a religious relativism that leads to the belief that ‘one religion is as good as another.’"

Last May, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said that ACN’s work was central to promoting relations with the Russian Orthodox Church.

In an ACN-funded initiative last April, the Pope appeared on Russian state television and underlined the importance of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches working more closely.
Last year, ACN gave over $4 million to support Church communities in Russia, prioritising help for the Catholic Church but also some giving help to the Russian Orthodox Church as well as ecumenical projects.

Both Catholic and Russian Orthodox leaders have expressed concerns about relativism in recent years with Patriarch Alexy II calling on the need to tackle “negative anti-Christian tendencies” in Europe.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IVF patient numbers surge by 17% as money men grab business

BIG business has swooped on Victoria's infertility clinics, hoping to cash in as record numbers of childless couples turn to IVF.

New figures from the state's fertility watchdog show demand for IVF cycles at Victorian clinics swelled by 17 per cent last year.

There are predictions that patient numbers will grow further have private equity firms jostling for a slice of the lucrative market.

Melbourne IVF, which was once owned by doctors, yesterday confirmed a buyout by Sydney-based IVF Australia, which is controlled by an equity fund. Other capitalists are investigating industry giant Monash IVF, which has already sold off a $200 million chunk.

But several industry insiders predicted the cost of treatment could increase to prop up profits for investors. The industry shake-up comes as the Brumby Government seeks to pass controversial IVF legislation giving Victorians greater access to fertility treatment.

Clinic operators yesterday assured couples they would continue to be treated as patients, not customers, despite the buyouts.

Since the IVF industry is now privatised here in Australia perhaps we can lower our standards just like in San Antonia USA where only two years ago they were selling made-to-order embryos at a cost of about $10,000 US at an exclusive private IVF facility.

Just like selling cattle.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Transplant Using Trachea Grown From Patient's Own Adult Stem Cells

A world first that could revolutionise organ transplants, doctors in Spain have replaced a woman's damaged windpipe using one created from adult stem cells in a laboratory.

Claudia Castillo, 30, a mother of two, is living a healthy life five months after receiving the transplant in Barcelona, her doctors reported in Lancet medical journal yesterday.

Scientists used "tissue engineering" to create the windpipe, or trachea — a technique that involved using a donor's windpipe as a biological "scaffold" for Ms Castillo's adult stem cells to grow around. The donor's trachea was essentially scrubbed clean with a high-tech detergent solution before being lined with stem cells taken from Ms Castillo's bone marrow and cultivated in a laboratory.

Stem cells are "master cells" that can be manipulated in a laboratory to become any other cell in the body. There are two types of stem cells, “adult” and “embryonic”. Embryonic stem cells come from an embryo. The taking of these cells is fatal but taking adult stems does not cause the death of the person. Adult stem cells are found in many parts of the body, the most common of these "adult stem cells” are found in the blood. There are similar cells in the liver, in nervous systems, and all around the body.

Ms Castillo, who had tuberculosis, was facing the loss of her left lung after the tube-like branch connecting it to the trachea became infected and collapsed beyond repair. Because Ms Castillo's new trachea was made from her own cells, she has not needed powerful drugs to prevent her body rejecting the organ. Avoiding the use of these drugs also means that, unlike other transplant patients, she will not be at increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

The use of adult stem cells seems to overcome the problem of immune rejection, which is a big problem with embryonic stem cell treatments.

Our bodies quickly recognise and try to kill off foreign tissues implanted in them (embryonic stem cells). By using cells from oneself (adult stem cells), the compatibility problem is avoided.

Scientists hailed the procedure as a medical milestone and predicted surgeons could regularly be replacing hearts with laboratory-grown organs within 20 years. The team behind the operation hopes to replicate the procedure to grow voice boxes within five years and says that from there the door would be open to use the technology to create any organ including a bladder, kidney or even a heart.

It looks like there is a bright future for the use of adult stem cells. Dr. David Reardon, Ph.D. Said that many have wondered at the insistence on funding for and pursuit of embryonic stem cell research given the fact that there is not even one embryonic stem cell therapy currently in use while adult stem cell therapies are used every day in the treatment of nearly a hundred different diseases.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

IVF Fertility Treatment Link To Rise In Risk Of Defects

NEW research has linked fertility treatment with the increased risk of birth defects including malformed hearts, cleft lips and bowel problems.

However, local experts say the risks are low, and may be a result of the root cause of the infertility rather than the treatment. The study, from the National Centre on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities in the US, was published yesterday in the Human Reproduction journal.

Among women who had only one child, reproductive therapy such as IVF doubled the offspring's risk of cleft lip and septal heart defect — damage to the wall between the heart's two chambers — and quadrupled the risk of abnormalities in the oesophagus or rectum.

Professor Michael Chapman, a senior fertility specialist with IVF Australia, said the study was confirmation of a slight increase in risk "from a small number to a not-so-small number". "There's no question that the evidence shows a slight increase, and responsible IVF doctors are saying that to their patients," he said. "But if your only way forward is IVF, then an increase in risk from one in 100 to two in 100 for most people is an acceptable risk.

There are other techniques apart from IVF which can be used to aid conception.

Techniques like those taught by the Pope Paul VI Institute, the Couple to Couple League, and the Billings Ovulation Method Association differ from artificial technologies in that they cooperate with nature by equipping couples to listen to what their bodies are saying. For a woman, these messages can usually be discerned by charting monthly cycles and mucus patterns. According to the Pope Paul VI Institute, couples who have learned to chart effectively have a 76 percent chance of conceiving during their first cycle of use and a 98 percent pregnancy rate by their sixth cycle.

Diet and nutrition are also crucial to achieving pregnancy. According to John Kippley, cofounder of the Couple to Couple League, "In many cases, cycle irregularities can be either eliminated or alleviated simply by better nutrition or body balance." Many other seemingly insignificant modifications—wearing boxers instead of briefs, eliminating nightlights, taking 500 milligrams of extended release B6, using iodized salt—can likewise aid in conception.

Because of its profound understanding of the dignity of the human person, the Catholic Church holds that no form of artificial insemination is permissible.

The primary reason the Church opposes IVF is that these techniques frustrate the unitive aspect of the marital act. The unitive end of marriage encompasses the personal and spiritual good of the spouses themselves. One indication of this breach in unity is that artificial interventions always require masturbation, which is universally condemned by Catholics.

Most people understand that intercourse should be something more than a physical process aimed at making a baby—that the baby himself has a right to be created through the loving union of two persons.

To conceive a child through a technological process that replaces the conjugal act is to subject him to the "standards of control and dominion" inherent to the scientific method. As such, the baby becomes an object of manipulation rather than the fruit of a personal union sanctified by God.

For more information go to Catholic Answers

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dr Nitschke and Euthanasia

Australia’s leading euthanasia campaigner, Dr Philip Nitschke was in Lismore last week to give a public talk to about 40 people where he demonstrated the online version of his book The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Held at the Lismore Turf Club, Dr Nitschke also known as the worst doctor in Australia because most of his patients die, was able to get a few nervous laughs from his elderly audience as he told anecdotes and presented videos and slides as part of his presentation.

The public talk was followed by a workshop that was restricted to members of Exit International aged 50 years and over. “The people who come to the workshops really want to know the details. They are the people who have decided they want to do something and want to know how you can get Nembutal (an illegal barbiturate) out of Mexico,” Dr Nitschke said.

Not only are these old folks talking about committing suicide but also how to import drugs illegally into Australia.

The printed version of the Peaceful Pill book was banned in Australia in 2007 and Dr Nitschke has been travelling around Australia, New Zealand and the UK for the past year promoting the online version.

The meeting was organised with the assistance of Exit’s local convener Jude McCauley. “Seventy-five per cent of people who get the information never act on it, but it is comforting to know that they can act if needed. It makes them feel empowered... they don’t want to suffer or live a life with no dignity at all. They want a choice on how to end their life.”

“Feel empowered”?? More like an inability to submit to a higher authority. “Don't want to suffer”?? What's wrong with picking up your cross and following in your saviours footsteps? “A life with no dignity at all”?? Pride! Pride! Pride!

Thankfully we have seen legislation turned down in Australia to legalise euthanasia. No state has shown any enthusiasm, neither has the federal government. I commend our politicians for their common sense. Only the Greens who are a bunch of hippie loving pot smoking tree hugging, combi drivers are interested in allowing old folks to kill themselves.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a "right to die." A right is a moral claim, and we have no claim on death—death has a claim on us.

Some people see the "right to die" as a parallel to the right to life, but this is based on faulty reasoning. The right to life is based on life being a gift we can neither destroy nor discard, whereas the "right to die" is based on the idea that life is a thing we possess and may discard when it no longer meets our satisfaction.

Nitschke is starting to look old perhaps it is time he organised his own exit and let the old folks die in peace.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Disabled baby Abortion Call Angers MP

Nationals Senator Ron Boswell, has accused The Australian Reproductive Health Alliance of thinking "typical of the Hitler regime" after it suggested abortion was a cheaper alternative to looking after children with severe disabilities.

The Australian Reproductive Health Alliance, which is a radical anti life group, said removing a Medicare rebate for second-trimester abortions would save the government about $180,000 a year while funding support services for children born with severe disabilities would cost far more, it said in a submission to a Senate committee inquiry.

I wonder where the anti discrimination laws are in this country?

Senator Ron Boswell, a strident pro-life supporter, described the submission as "offensive".

"Its underlying premise that some lives are worth less than others because they will cost too much to support, this is the kind of thinking that was typical of the Hitler regime," he told the Senate on Thursday.

Removing the abortion rebate would help cut the abortion rate in Australia and save many unborn children's lives.

Family First senator Steve Fielding said the rebate should be abolished.

Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said he believed that abortion should be banned."We determine the value of someone's life because we want to see it through our eyes and not through theirs, in fact we don't even give them the opportunity of seeing life through their eyes at all and that is the crux of this issue," he told the Senate.

It is sad that a group like the ARHA would even exist in Australia. Its obvious discrimination against the unborn and in particular those who have disabilities is just outrageous. It is a perverse philosophy that sees people in terms of a monetary value. Rather than see the disabled as people to be loved they are seen as an expense and financial burden on society. Shame on you Australian Reproductive Health Alliance.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Galileo Controversy Part 2

In 1616 the Holy Office, issued a condemnation of Galileo’s theory. Pope Paul V had had enough of the matter. Galileo backed off for a while and things returned to relative quiet for a time.

Later, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit issued a certificate that, although it forbade Galileo to hold or defend the heliocentric theory, did not prevent him from conjecturing it.

When Galileo met with the new pope, Urban VIII, in 1623, he received permission from his longtime friend to write a work on heliocentrism. Urban VIII asked him not to advocate the new position, only to present arguments for and against it. When Galileo wrote the Dialogue on the Two World Systems, he used an argument the pope had offered, and placed it in the mouth of his character Simplicio. Galileo made fun of the pope. Urban felt mocked and could not believe how his friend could disgrace him publicly. He also alienated his long-time supporters, the Jesuits, with attacks on one of their astronomers. The result was the infamous trial, which is still heralded as the final separation of science and religion.

Eventually Galileo withdrew his heliocentric theory. Some have claimed that he was tortured for it but there is no evidence for this. The records demonstrate that Galileo could not be tortured because of regulations laid down in The Directory for Inquisitors.

It is just as well that the Church did not rush to embrace Galileo’s views, because it turned out that his ideas were not entirely correct.

Galileo believed that the sun was not just the fixed center of the solar system but the fixed center of the universe.

We now know that the sun is not the center of the universe and that it does move—it simply orbits the center of the galaxy rather than the earth.

We now know that Galileo and his opponents were partly right and partly wrong. Galileo was right in asserting the mobility of the earth and wrong in asserting the immobility of the sun. His opponents were right in asserting the mobility of the sun and wrong in asserting the immobility of the earth.

Had the Catholic Church rushed to endorse Galileo’s views—and there were many in the Church who were quite favorable to them—the Church would have embraced what modern science has disproved.

The worst that happened to Galileo was that he suffered an honorable detention in his home and a mild reproof. The Catholic Church today acknowledges that Galileo’s condemnation was wrong. The Vatican has even issued two stamps of Galileo as an expression of regret for his mistreatment.

Part 1

For more information go to Catholic Answers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Galileo Controversy Part 1

Many people believe that the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo because he rejected the popular view at the time that the Solar System revolved around the Earth (geocentric). Galileo suggested that the Solar System revolved around the sun (heliocentric).

Way back in the 1500's everyone thought that the heavenly bodies revolved around the earth. Nicolaus Copernicus came up with the idea that they revolved around the sun. He wrote a book, On the Revolution of the Celestial Orbs, in which he gave an account of heliocentricity to Pope Paul III. Later, Johannes Kepler published an article which expanded on Copernicus’ work. His work was well received by some Jesuit scientists at the time.

In modern times many people believe Galileo proved heliocentricity. He could not answer the strongest argument against it. If heliocentrism were true, then there would be observable parallax shifts in the stars’ positions as the earth moved in its orbit around the sun. The technology at the time prevented scientist from observing this. The only evidence they had suggested that the stars were fixed in their positions relative to the earth and therefore the earth and the stars were not moving in space—only the sun, moon, and planets were.

Galileo's problems arose when he stopped proposing heliocentrism as a scientific theory but began proclaiming it as truth even though there was no conclusive proof of it at the time.

This in itself was not all that serious but it became a big problem when he started telling scripture scholars how to interpret the Bible.

Just remember that at this point in time nearly everyone including scientists and clergy believed in the geocentric model. So when scripture scholars read passages like- "And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed . . ." (Josh. 10:13) or (Psalm 93:1) “....The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved”. most people took the passages literally. It was offensive for the church to have this scientist propose a theory he cannot prove and then suggest that the church reinterpret scripture to suit. Scripture scholars of the past were willing to consider whether particular statements were to be taken literally or phenomenologically, but they weren't going to reinterprete scripture based on an unprovable unpopular scientific theory.

Part 2

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catholic Church Saves Lives

The laity are leading the way in the service of the most helpless in our society.

Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated (PCI) was launched in Brisbane last week. President Patti Camp said the group intends to establish perpetual adoration groups to focus prayer on “the poorest of the poor – the unborn”.

Through the determination of Mrs Camp and her husband Alan, PCI came into existence. It's purpose is to to tackle Australia’s shameful 90,000-plus abortion rate.

PCI offers support for women who feel forced to consider abortion. The services range from provision of trained support personnel for women with crisis pregnancies, baby packs for impoverished families and short-term crisis accommodation.

For precise details of the services offered, contact Patti Camp via email at

Read more about PCI.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Secular Heretic Badge

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Homosexuals Storm Michigan Church During Sunday Service

On Sunday, November 9, 2008 a band of about 30 homosexual extremists stormed a church in Lansing, Michigan USA. During the service the protesters outside the church were beating on buckets, shouting “Jesus was a homo” on a megaphone and carrying an upside-down pink cross.

Some were well dressed and positioned inside Mount Hope Church, where they pretended to be normal Sunday worshippers; others were outside dressed in pink and black.

When the signal was given the protesters inside the church rose from their seats and began to disrupt the service. The fire alarm was activated, protesters stormed the pulpit and a huge rainbow-colored flag was unfurled with the inscription, “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY! BASH BACK!” The church was vandalized, obscenities were shouted and worshippers were confronted. Some Christians say that these actions are a form of 'hate crime' against them.

The homosexual terrorists call themselves 'Bash Back'. Who exactly are they going to bash? It seems that they have an agenda to attack and harass people of good will, especially people who don't agree with homosexual acts.

Notice the similarities between the homosexual terrorists and the Palestinian terrorists. Both cover their faces so that they

cannot be identified, therefore making it more difficult to arrest them for their crimes.

Bash Back! issued a press release on their website after the fact, which admitted that “the group was extremely loud and wildly offensive. The release concluded, “Let it be known: So long as bigots kill us in the streets, this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!”

Who are the 'bigots who kill them in the streets?” They seem to think it is the people who attended church on that day, otherwise why would they target them for violent protest? I don't know about you but I have never seen church going people roaming the streets looking for homosexuals to kill. It seems to me that they are just angry because some people claim that homosexual acts are evil. It is time that minority groups like these learnt to tolerate other people's opinions and if they wish to protest do it in a non violent way.

It is becoming more evident that violence is a part of the homosexual life style.

Extensive research indicates that suicide, molestation, and violence are factors found to be disproportionately high in the homosexual

subgroup. Another site claimed that a third of all teen suicides are by people who practice homosexual acts.

These people don't need our condemnation but our support. Those who suffer from a same sex attraction disorder are encouraged to seek help. I can understand that these people possibly can't help being sexually attracted to people of the same sex. We all have disordered desires of some kind, but just because a desire is part of one’s makeup does not mean that it is morally acceptable to act out on it.

I think that homosexual desires are not in themselves sinful. People are subject to a wide variety of desires over which they have little direct control, but these do not become sinful until a person acts upon them. People tempted by homosexual desires, like people tempted by improper heterosexual desires, are not sinning until they act upon those desires in some manner.

People have a basic, ethical intuition that certain behaviors are wrong because they are unnatural. We perceive intuitively that the natural sex partner of a human is another human, not an animal.

The same reasoning applies to the case of homosexual behavior. The natural sex partner for a man is a woman, and the natural sex partner for a woman is a man. Thus, people have the corresponding intuition concerning homosexuality that they do about bestiality—that it is wrong because it is unnatural.

So what is the church's position on homosexuality?

The church says that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered." They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved. (CCC 2357)

The Church says that “People suffering from a same sex attraction must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition. (CCC 2358)

For more information on the attack at Mount Hope Church go to Life Site News.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abortion, Contraception and Victoria's MPs

It's over to you, men

Some misguided people believe that a campaign promoting contraception to men will ease the burden on women.

VICTORIA still has unfinished business on abortion. This month's dramatic conscience vote in State Parliament to decriminalise abortion was a classic case of I don't give a stuff what the people want. There is no evidence to suggest that by voting to take abortion out of the Crimes Act, MPs were doing what the vast majority of the state's voters wanted done. Many people I caught up with said that they do not want abortion to be available in our society. In 2005 a national survey showed that 67 per cent of people opposed Medicare funding of abortions in the second trimester. (National Opinion Poll on Abortion in Australia, Market Facts (Qld), November 2005)

The Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 supported by Premier John Brumby and other backers of the bill made a point of emphasising that it was designed merely to codify in law what is happening in practice — that is, that its passage through Parliament would not result in either more or less abortions. This is not true. There is evidence to suggest that if you cut back on the availability of abortions, the number of abortions actually decreases.

Many people believe that abortion is a distressing and tragic event. Pro life supporters go further and say it is a crime against unborn Australian citizens and that they are discriminated against simply because of their pre born status. How do we go about reducing the number 'surprise' pregnancies? That, surely, is where men come into the equation.

We know what "causes" abortion. A lack of respect for human life coupled with a secular propaganda machine claiming that it is a so called 'womens right'. We also know what causes unwanted pregnancies. A couples refusal to accept that having sex makes babies.

Upper house Labor MP Evan Thornley said. "It is as simple as it is obvious: if men took as much responsibility for contraception as women did, the number of unwanted pregnancies would drop like a stone," he told MPs. Unfortunately Thornley's suggestion does not line up with the facts. It is common knowledge that having sex makes babies and that contraception, when it fails, leaves you open to a possible conception. When contraception fails the couple then resort to abortion. It is clear that to reduce abortion in this country it must be criminalised and that contraception be strongly discouraged.

Upper house Labor MP Evan Thornley challenged MPs that, If you are serious about the unborn and if you are serious about reducing the numbers of abortions, then get out there with your videos and your horror stories, get out there with your moral righteousness and self-importance, and walk into the pubs and clubs, the footy clubs and the construction sites, the high school halls and the army barracks, and tell the blokes to take responsibility for contraception. Thornley's misguided confidence in contraception to solve the abortion problem is evident when he asks men to take more responsibility for contraception.

As a possible solution to the abortion problem many pro life advocates suggest using Natural Family Planning to regulate and space the number of children therefore avoiding unwanted pregnancies. This demands that both the husband and wife cooperate closely together for NFP to work successfully. In a way, Thornly is correct, men do need to take more responsibility but not in the way he suggests ie use contraception. Rather, they need to be more responsible by learning about and using NFP. Their responsibility comes into play by understanding and appreciating their wives fertility cycle.

"I am up for it — and I hope you are too, boys! It is time for men to show some leadership, to show just a tiny fraction of the courage that women have to have every day when they contemplate how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Whether they opt for adoption or rise to the challenge of raising the child. It is time for men to take responsibility for their actions and contribute to a massive reduction in the number of abortions."

Victoria has a proud record of using the persuasive tools of the state to change public behaviour for the better. Unfortunately it has failed dismally this time. Now that abortion has been legalised, the next task for us is now obvious. Petition your MPs to correct this serious error and pray.

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