Friday, November 28, 2008

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Men Lash Out At Anti-gay Claims

Extreme feminists claim some of the appointees of the “Men's Health” ambassadors are homophobic - and another ambassador has suggested gay men can change and become heterosexuals.

Claims have surfaced today that two of the appointees, “Lone Father's Association” head Barry Williams and Warwick Marsh, are anti-gay.

Mr Marsh, president of the Fatherhood Foundation, told The Australian Online that homosexual issues were just "1.6 per cent of the population".

Well done Mr Marsh you are correct. According to two researchers, Paul Cameron, Ph.D. & Kirk Cameron, Ph.D. the largest random sex survey ever conducted has reported that only 1.4% of adults engaged in homosexual behavior.

Mr Marsh went on to say "If you are asking me if I hate homosexuals, I just think that's ridiculous,'' he said. "People don't have to be... they can change. We've got a document we've put together with former gays and lesbians.

Correct Mr Marsh according to Spanish psychiatrist Enrique Rojas, homosexuality is a disorder that can be cured.

Read a testimony about a man's healing from same sex attraction.

Help is available for people who suffer from same sex attraction at Courage Apostolate

Mr Marsh went on to say many women who suffer from same sex attraction were sexually abused women rebelling against a "gender wound".

Correct Mr Marsh, If a father (or another male) abuses a girl, she may subconsciously think, “Men must all be like you, and no man will do that to me! I don’t want to be hurt that way again.

The same sex attraction disorder, according to Rojas, is the result of an absent father, overweening mother, or sexual abuse in childhood.

Mr Marsh went on to say "They're rebelling. They actually end up hating the gender that's hurt them. Ultimately the really sad thing is...have you talked to people with AIDS? I don't like to see people get AIDS and get abused and a trail of destruction. The bottom line is there's heightened levels of drug abuse and suicide."

Correct again Mr Marsh a new study in the United Kingdom has revealed that homosexuals are about 50% more likely to suffer from depression and engage in substance abuse than the rest of the population.

Mr Williams, president of the Lone Fathers Association, rejected any suggestion he was homophobic.

"Look I have nothing against gay people. This story has been set up by a few extreme feminists who hate our guts,'' he told The Australian Online. "That's because we believe in shared care when marriages break up. Mr Williams said "some my best friends are gay people". "If I was against gay people I would have had nothing to do with them,'' he said. "There's just two extreme feminists who have their nose out of joint because the Government is starting to listen that kids need both parents." "It's not that I am against gay people. I've got no real opinion on gay men becoming dads. I do believe children need a mother and a father, I will be honest about that."

Countless sociological studies testify to the fact that children are at risk when a father or mother is absent. Problems range from an increase in criminal behavior to substance abuse and psychological problems.

According to studies from the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, there is a 70-80 percent chance that a child adopted by homosexuals will develop the same tendencies.

Don't be fooled by the use of the word homophobic. The term homophobic refers to fear of homosexuality. This term often is used by homosexual activists to end rational discussion of the issue by accusing their opponents of having an irrational fear. This is unjust. One can disagree with and be critical of a behavior without having a fear of it. When the charge of "homophobia" is made, it signifies that those making the accusation do not have reasoned responses to their critics, so they switch to portraying their critics as irrational rather than responding to their arguments.

So is there a crime in being anti-gay? What does this mean anyway anti-gay? Opposed to the homosexual lifestyle perhaps. So what is wrong with disagreeing about someone elses behaviour? Isn't this the age of tolerance where we tolerate each others ideas and beliefs? There are some lifestyles we should never tolerate.

It seems that Barry Williams and Warwick Marsh have some good sound advice for us concerning same sex attraction with research evidence to back it up.

After writing this article I saw online that the Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon today sacked co-author Warwick Marsh after he refused to alter his opinions on the homosexual lifestyle.

This indicates an unwillingness on the part of the Federal Government to listen to the views of people who dissent from the politically correct norms of recent years.

"It is an obvious contradiction when those who pride themselves on being "inclusive", exclude the views of a well researched document. It is appalling when elected representatives engage in this practice."

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Liberty Belle said...

I appreciate the views of Warwick Marsh. I’ve been following him in the news lately. It takes a lot to stand up for what you believe, even at the cost of your job. Kudos to the man!