Thursday, November 27, 2008

SA Bill to Allow Dead Partner's Sperm in IVF

Legislation is about to go to the South Australian Parliament which the Government says will make IVF treatment available to more couples. The proposed changes would allow use of a dead partner's sperm. The bill is expected to be put to a conscience vote.

This sounds like a law which will allow Australia's privatised IVF industry to make more money. Introducing laws which allow more women to access IVF means more business which means more profits. See my previous article IVF patient numbers surge by 17%.

SA Health Minister John Hill says currently only infertile couples, or those who are likely pass on a genetic defect, are allowed to use IVF. This is interesting, the law is suggesting that a couple who are likely to conceive a child with a genetic defect should use IVF. I expect it is easier to get rid of the defective babies first before they implant. It is much harder to have the mother carry the child for 8 weeks and then discover it has a genetic defect.

I think the South Australian government is trying to outdo the Victorians in their discrimination against unborn disabled people. This is how you go about designing your own baby. If the little person does not come up to scratch you can get rid of them.

Sheree Blake was given written consent from her husband to use his stored sperm before he died of leukaemia in May. She has been unable to use IVF under current laws. Ms Blake says news of the proposed change comes at a perfect time as today would have been the couple's first anniversary.

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