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New Jersey rules against church group in same sex union case

Lesbian couple civil union

A church group that owns beach front property has refused to rent the property to a lesbian couple for their civil union ceremony.

The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights found that the refusal of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to rent the oceanfront spot to the couple for their same-sex union violated the public accommodation provisions of the state's Law Against Discrimination.

Brian Raum, who represents the Methodist organization said his clients would keep pushing back against being forced to allow civil unions on the property. "Our position is the same," he said. "A Christian organization has a constitutional right to use their facilities in a way that is consistent with their beliefs."

Larry Lustberg, the lawyer for the “couple” said. "What this case has always been about from my clients' perspective has been equality," He said they will seek an order that requires the pavilion to be "open to all on an equal basis."

The dispute has become a rallying point for both sides in the political battle over gay unions. Opponents of traditional marriage rights say the decision made by Ocean Grove Camp shows that New Jersey's two-year-old civil unions law falls short of its intent to give gay couples the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples.

Traditional marriage rights supports say that by recognizing same-sex couples, states are interfering with religious freedoms. The New Jersey Law “Against Discrimination” is an example of bad laws bringing about bad consequences for society. There are times when we need to discriminate between good and evil. Refusing to rent your property to a couple who want to use it for a civil union ceremony is not unfair discrimination. The fact that they want to enter into a civil union indicates that they also wish to take part in homosexual acts. Homosexual acts are disordered and immoral according to Christian teaching. If this church group had supported this civil union by renting the property, they would also have been endorsing homosexual acts and gone against their own churches teaching. They could have been accused of hypocrisy and charged with aiding immorality and disorder in the community.

To set the record straight, an example of unjust discrimination against people with a same sex attraction would be to-
  • Refuse to sell a newspaper because a person has a same sex attraction.
  • Call a person insulting names, threats or physical abuse because they have a same sex attraction.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Could lawyers be thrown out of the profession based on their religious conviction against homosexuality?

Homosexuality, Church, Same Sex Attraction

The State Bar of Arizona is considering whether to require new attorneys to swear they will not let their views on sexual orientation get in the way of providing legal services. Mat Staver, founder of "Liberty Counsel" and dean of Liberty University's Law School, is concerned.

"I believe that this is a major threat to the practice of law," he contends. "This is an attempt to literally license those out of business and to revoke the license of those who, in fact, have traditional moral values."

Staver believes the campaign is going nationwide and will be a tool used by homosexuals to hold back Christian lawyers. "If they then can hold over your head the license and the ability to practice law, that will be a devastating blow to those of us who believe in traditional family values," he points out.

According to Staver, this is an issue that lawyers and law school students cannot ignore. "It's a ticking time bomb," he concludes. "It is a land mine just waiting for someone to step on them."

Many believe that same sex attraction is a disorder. There is also some evidence that it can be cured.

Are these lawyers going to be excluded from their profession because of their religious beliefs? Or will they have to give up their beliefs in order to continue practicing?

The Catholic Church teaches that

...."homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered." They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved. (CCC 2357)

Does this mean that all Catholic lawyers in the state of Arizona will now either have to apostatize from the faith or lose their jobs?

People have lost their jobs before because they have held a politically incorrect view of homosexuality.

Homosexual Harassment of Norfolk Police Officer

Roxon Sacks Health Ambassador Warwick Marsh

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Genetics end fears of breast cancer

A BABY genetically screened to be breast cancer free is due to be born within days. In what is believed to be the first publicised case in the world, a British couple underwent pre-implantation genetic testing to free their children from the disease.

At the same time, IVF Australia has announced it will start the genetic testing for the aggressive breast cancer gene BRACA 1 next year. Testing for the breast cancer gene has been available in Australia for about five years. Pre-implantation genetic testing is already used to screen for hereditary diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

The British couple, are one of two in the UK who have publicly decided to undergo the test after their families had been afflicted with breast cancer. Without screening, any daughter of the couples would have an 80 per cent chance of developing the fast-spreading form of breast cancer.

Genetic testing involves using IVF to create a selection of embryos. Scientists then select the ones without the rogue gene and implant them in the woman. The embryos with the rogue gene are destroyed.

Another couple, known as Matthew and Helen, have also undergone the screening to try to eradicate the hereditary breast cancer gene. "I've lived much of my life with cancer and death, and fear that I might have to face it and might pass on the risk to my children," Helen said. "This gives us the chance to make sure our daughters won't have the same experience."

Notice the language used in the first paragraph “genetic testing to free their children from the disease..” No one is set free from the disease, those who have the genetic disposition towards breast cancer are destroyed before they even have a chance to get the disease. The embryos who don't have the rogue gene are not set free from the disease either, they never had the gene in the first place.

Keep in mind that the embryos they find defective don't always develop breast cancer later in life. They only have a gene that pre disposes them to get breast cancer. In 40 to 50 years time when these children have grown up there may well be a cure for breast cancer.

While parents are trying to avoid giving birth to children that have a potential breast cancer risk, the very method they are using (IVF) is reported to actually increase the risk of birth defects.

Isn't it better to have lived with the possibility of catching the disease than to have died hours or days after your own conception.? We are all going to die of something anyway. Should doctors and parents command so much power as to decide which child lives and which one dies? What do you think?

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Archbishop Barry Hickey says parents must take control

CHILDREN as young as 13 should be warned by their parents about the dangers of sex before marriage, according to Catholic Archdioceses of Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey.

Archbishop Hickey -- in an interview to commemorate his 50th year as a priest -- said too many children were brought up believing sex could be carefree as long as contraception was used. Contraception undermined marriage and he lamented the country's high divorce rate. "The Pill has done as much damage as any other factor to destabilise marriages,'' he said. "It has absolved men from responsibility. They can sleep around without suffering the consequences.''

The 72-year-old Archbishop also criticised parents who let the responsibility of being role models fall on sports stars and celebrities. "Who in society encourages people to remain chaste? To avoid sexual activity until they are married?'' he said. "Society doesn't give that message, the media certainly doesn't give that message, the models we admire don't give that message. We fail terribly to guide young people into responsible sexual relationships.''

In a wide-ranging interview, Archbishop Hickey said people with same sex attrraction could not enter into marriages. "A marriage is specific to a husband and wife open to have children,'' he said. "That's the way we see it and we will continue to say that's the best model.''

Archbishop Hickey said husbands and wives should be less selfish if they wanted their marriages to work. "We live in a world of individualism and often parents find it hard to balance their rights as individuals with their obligations as a couple,'' he said. "Modern society is not kind to marriages at all. Society doesn't seem to care much about the breakdown of marriage. It turns a blind eye to all sorts of relationships that can be damaging. It is not politically correct to warn people about paths they take. There is an acceptance of early sexual relationships without realising the long-term consequences.''


What marriage is all about

I found this great little 2 minute video about marriage over at "A Catholic View"

It runs through a few facts about marriage that some people forget.
  • Human procreation is different from animal reproduction.
  • God has a plan for marriage and human sexuality.

The Language of Death

To change the way our society treats the vulnerable, we must begin by changing the way we speak about them. Below are some tools to do precisely that.

What is euthanasia?

Euthanasia, from the Greek words meaning "good death," is something we do or fail to do that causes, or is intended to cause, death, in order to remove a person from suffering. This is sometimes called "mercy killing"

What is assisted suicide?

This refers to an act by which one person assists another in taking his own life. For example, a physician who engages in "assisted suicide" would, upon the patient’s request, provide the deadly drugs for the person to use.

What is the difference between "active" and "passive" euthanasia?

Active euthanasia refers to an action one takes to end a life, such as a lethal injection. Passive euthanasia refers to an omission, such as failing to intervene at a life-threatening crisis or failing to provide nourishment.

It is important not to confuse passive euthanasia with the morally legitimate decision to withhold medical treatment that is not morally necessary. Foregoing a treatment that we are not required to use is not euthanasia in any form and should not be called by that name, even if death is hastened as a result.

This Rock

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pope's Christmas Greeting Says We Must "Protect the Human Being against Self-Destruction" of Sexual Aberrations

During his exchange of Christmas greetings with the Roman Curia on the 22nd of December Pope Benedict XVI suggested that the gender ideology which seeks to redefine the sexes to allow for homosexuality, transgenderism and such things are examples of mankind separating himself "from creation and the Creator."

The pope noted that the Church "cannot and should not limit herself to transmitting just the message of salvation to her faithful." It must also he said "protect the human being against self-destruction" - a destruction which comes from a warped understanding of marriage and human sexuality. "It is necessary to have something like an ecology of the human being, understood in the proper manner," said the Pope. "It is not a surpassed metaphysics when Church speaks of the nature of the human being as man and woman, and demands that this order of creation be respected."

Quoting great theologians of the past, the Pope called marriage "between one man and one woman for life" the "sacrament of creation" and urged his listeners to reread the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. It was the intention of its author Pope Paul VI, he said, to defend against treating sexual love as a commodity.

The Pope Had the Guts to Say We Need to Save Ourselves from Self-Destructive Sexual Lifestyles

Pope Benedict XVI is being ridiculed for daring to say that the harm caused by going against the Creator's plan for human sexuality is destructive and hurtful. In truth, he is being pilloried for having enough love to tell his brothers and sisters struggling with same-sex attraction, promiscuity, pornography, adultery and more, that their behavior is hurting them and society at large. It is hurting them physically, psychologically, but most importantly - hurting them spiritually.

A San Fransico Chronicle headline reads, "Pope Benedict at Christmas: Preaching bigotry disguised as compassion", and the Times of London opines: "Christmas was never meant to be about this". There are also examples of explicit hate mongering by gay activists against the Pope on YouTube.

Interesting to note is the fact that nowhere in the Pope's remark did he even use the word 'homosexual' or 'homosexuality', rather he referred to 'gender' and to the Creator's plan for human sexuality as being in life-long marriage between one man and one woman. In this respect, he spoke not only to the problem of homosexual acts but also other sexual aberrations such as sex outside of marriage, adultery, pornography, and even contraceptive sex. This is borne out by the fact, unreported by the mainstream media, that within the speech he urged the faithful to re-read the encyclical Humanae Vitae - known most for its prohibition of contraception.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Caroling Saves Lives at abortion clinic

This morning, a group of 50 pro-lifers of all ages—including members of the Rockford Teens for Life club—gathered outside the abortion clinic in Rockford, IL.

Read more at Generations for Life

Abortion providor closes its doors

Using American Life League's STOPP project to defeat Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion chain has been completely eradicated from the diocese of Amarillo, Texas.

In 1997, Planned Parenthood operated 19 clinics in the Texas Panhandle. As of Jan. 1, 2009, the local affiliate with its two remaining clinics will change names and sever ties with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Read More at Catholic Fire

What About the Right to Die?

"Don’t worry: You won’t miss out on it."

There is no such thing as a "right to die." A right is a moral claim, and we have no claim on death—death has a claim on us.

Some people see the "right to die" as a parallel to the right to life, but this is based on faulty reasoning. The right to life is based on life being a gift we can neither destroy nor discard, whereas the "right to die" is based on the idea that life is a thing we possess and may discard when it no longer meets our satisfaction.

The culture of death, which chants, "My body, my life, my choice" also chants—by the same logic—"My body, my death, my choice." Just as pro-abortion groups use the word choice in their names, pro-euthanasia groups call themselves by names such as "Choice in Dying." In both cases, death is being sold as a product, and its salespersons have to make it look better than the alternative. Pro-abortion groups make childbearing seem more dangerous and burdensome than abortion.

The task of the culture of life, then, is to rip the veil off of these acts of violence.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If traditional marriage is natural, why does it need laws?

Traditional marriage will survive, but it needs the support and protection of society to flourish. Laws not only recognize existing natural rights; they create and solidify social habits and standards. A bad law creates social standards that others gradually come to accept as good and true. Abortion is an instructive example. What began as a rare concession has become a "right" to take the life of an innocent human being.

So the consequences of legal recognition of same-sex marriage are serious. The first will be moral damage to our understanding of human beings and marriage. By elevating human choices to the status of human rights, governments undermine the very idea of natural rights, which is the recognition of what corresponds to our human make-up and the basic goods necessary to flourish as human beings.

Legal recognition of same-sex marriage also threatens freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Those who disagree with same-sex unions, including educators, doctors and adoption agencies, are already being treated with contempt and intolerance by proponents of same-sex marriage. The next target is surely the tax-exempt status which churches enjoy because of their important service to society.

Furthermore, although proponents of same-sex marriage contend that they only want equality of rights for their own personal choices, they also want equality of esteem. The normality of same-sex marriage will be taught to school children, beginning with those in public schools and eventually reaching schools with religious affiliations.

Already in Massachusetts an adverse judicial ruling was passed against a parent who did not wish his children attending public school to be taught that two fathers can constitute a family. In San Francisco, young children have been obliged to witness a same-sex "marriage" ceremony. Forcing children to accept same-sex marriage as normal constitutes a grave abuse to children and their parents.

Every person deserves equal respect before the law; but equality is not sameness, and there can be no true respect for human rights apart from a clear understanding of human nature with the sexual and psychological differences between male and female, and the needs that children have for a father and a mother.

Juan R. Vélez is a Los Angeles Catholic priest. Before becoming a priest, he worked as a physician.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Tim and Matthew Morgan have produced a first-class short film that masterfully deals with the taboo issue of abortion. See it here at thedoorpost.

Volition places its central character, who goes unnamed, in the historical contexts of what the filmmakers clearly believe to be three of the greatest human rights violations in history: the holocaust, slavery, and abortion. In each the protagonist is placed in a position of some authority, with the promise of more to come: in the first, we find him in the role of a Nazi who is being considered for a promotion; in the second, a respected American physician who has travelled to Africa and studied the blacks; and in the third, a promising medical student on scholarship whose girlfriend is pregnant. lifesitenews

The film's synopsis explains its name: "Volition (n)- The act of making a choice. Sometimes the choice of inaction has consequences stronger than we could ever imagine. Throughout history, men have been faced with difficult choices in a world that makes it easy for them to conform. This film explores the hope that lies behind every decision made in the face of adversity; the hope that is buried in the heart of those that look beyond themselves and see something bigger worth fighting for." randyalcorn

Volition is an astonishing achievement. The film itself is not made any greater by the fact that Tim Morgan, who directed it, is only 23-years-old, and that his brother, who composed all of the music, is only 20-years-old, but the ages of the brothers does help put the scope of their accomplishment into even greater relief. lifesitenews

Morgan relates, that for most of his life, while he had always been “pro-life,” he had never given much thought to the issue – that is, until last year when he attended the massive prayer rally, “The Call.” “That’s when it really hit me, hit my heart,” he says, “that there is a need for just some sort of voice in the arts, in the entertainment world, in defense of these unborn babies.” christiantelegraph

Planned Parenthood

Government funded and federally approved

Available from Pro Life Unity

10 to 15 children saved each week

Between 10 to 15 children are saved weekly from abortion due to the work of Chris Slattery at the Bronx abortion mill.

Thanks to prolifeunity

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dr Philip Nitschke launches 'flawless' euthanasia device

PREMIER Mike Rann has joined anti-euthanasia lobbyists in condemning Dr Philip Nitschke's "dangerous and irresponsible" new death device.

The Advertiser revealed today that the 61-year-old Darwin doctor was promoting the device – components of which can be bought from hardware stores. Only 80 people attended the launch in Adelaide.

"I think it's extremely dangerous in terms of young people who might be potentially suicidal, or people who are dealing with serious depression,'' Mr Rann said. "I just think that Mr Nitschke gets publicity after publicity ... what we saw this morning, what he's talking about is dangerous and irresponsible."

Right to Life Australia president Marcel White said Dr Nitschke was not interested in helping sick and vulnerable Australians experiencing severe health difficulties, but was instead obsessed with self-promotion and outlandish stunts. "Nitschke is returning with a new gas chamber contraption which is both breathtakingly stupid and grossly irresponsible, two qualities we have come to expect from this doctor who trades in death," he said. "If the sum total of Nitschke's medical endeavors is proliferating slap-dash self-killing machines then perhaps he needs a more fulfilling hobby. "It remains a mystery why Nitschke is so enamoured with the idea of promoting suicide, but we certainly need the Government to step in and stop his traveling sideshow because it tears apart families and actually robs people of the peaceful death he is disingenuously promising.''

The new process makes use of ordinary household products including a barbecue gas bottle – purchased at an Adelaide hardware store yesterday morning – which is then filled with another gas which is readily available. Dr Nitschke has developed a process in which "patients" lose consciousness immediately and die a few minutes later.

If you are feeling depressed, lonely or have personal problems, you can get help at : Lifeline on 131 114, Sane on 1800 18 7263, Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 or Mensline Australia on 1300 789 978 or log on to Beyond Blue here or phone 1300 224 636.


Its a crime to say "Jesus Loves You and Your Baby. Let Us Help."

Rev. Walter Hoye He's been criminally charged by the District Attorney in Oakland, California for this crime.

Read More

We need to be politically correct don't we?

This is how twisted political correctness gets.

A 34-year-old male patient is on the list for screening for cervical cancer.

One doctor said "Silly things are starting to happen."

Read more

Marriott Hotel chain under fire from gay activists

Bill Marriott and his family own the Marriott Hotel chain. They have come under fire from gay activists recently, not because of something they’ve done, but because of their religious affiliation. What is their crime? Bill Marriott and his family are Mormon, and they refuse to state their unequivocal support for the gay marriage movement.

Read more at Beetle Blogger

Campbell Soup Company Embraces Homosexual Agenda

Read the full story at Beetle Blogger and sign the petition to boycott the company.

Partnerships are more or less like marriages aren't they?

Marriage is more than a word. Words are subject to development, but they mean something. Words are conventional, but they represent fixed realities. No change in language or law can alter reality. Sodomy by any other name is still sodomy.

Sexual intercourse between persons of the same-sex is not procreative. A meal is not a snack; work is not play; adultery mere consented sexual behavior among adults. Language both describes reality and defines moral standards. By changing accepted language about marriage, new moral standards regarding marriage and procreation gradually emerge.

Juan R. Vélez is a Los Angeles Catholic priest. Before becoming a priest, he worked as a physician.

Full article at Mercator

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What about the mutual affection of homosexuals? Isn’t that enough for marriage?

Not really. Homosexual persons can be united by an emotional union, but never by a biological union. Their sexual activity does not lead to procreation. Heterosexual marriage, on the other hand, involves more than this. “The same sexual act that unites the spouses is also the act that creates new life.”(2) Heterosexual marriage provides offspring for society and a home where children are raised with the love of a father and a mother and the corresponding masculine and feminine role models.

Homosexual sex is essentially different from heterosexual sex within marriage. The conjugal act has an inherent language of self-giving expressed by the man’s giving of his progenitor cells to his wife. Their love is always linked to procreation even though procreation does not always follow the conjugal act. Widespread contraception and co-habitation have separated procreation from sexuality in such a way so that sexual acts between two persons of the same sex are now considered normal by many. But the sexual union of a man and a woman is objectively different.

(2) Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles, The Witherspoon Institute, Princeton, June 2006, p. 47.

Juan R. Vélez is a Los Angeles Catholic priest. Before becoming a priest, he worked as a physician.

Full article at Mercator

Children Who Live with Biological Parents and go to Church Fare Best Developmentally

New research has found that children have fewer problems at school and home when they live with both biological parents and frequently attend religious services.

Dr. Nicholas Zill, the founding president of Child Trends, and Dr. Philip Fletcher, a research psychologist at Westat, co-authored the new study, “Mapping America” which analyzes data from the National Survey of Children's Health.

Among their remarkable findings: children in this group are five times less likely to repeat a grade, less likely to have behavior problems at home and school, and are more likely to be cooperative and understanding of others' feelings. Parents of these children report less stress, healthier parent-child relationships, and fewer concerns about their children's achievement. These differences hold up even after controlling for family income and poverty, low parent education levels, and race and ethnicity.

This research demonstrates the importance of having a biological mother and father in raising children. Same sex marriage will just not do.


Gianna Gessen: A Story About a Birth

Have you survived an abortion?

Gianna recently came to Australia to speak about her experience and convince the Victorian government about the madness of abortion.

Saw this over at thepomegranateapple

Da Mihi Animas: Vietnamese Priest warns Church: "Prepare for more persecutions!"

Da Mihi Animas: Vietnamese Priest warns Church: "Prepare for more persecutions!"

Vietnamese government is harassing the Catholic Church. Groups of government thugs have even called for his arrest and death.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Abortion Consequences, Psychological Problems and Death

A preliminary report by a working group of psychiatrists studying the psychological effects of abortion states that women who obtain abortions have significantly elevated rates of depression, suicidal thoughts, sexual disturbances, and other psychological disorders. They also die at higher rates than non-abortive women.

The report, which examines manifestations of Post-Abortion Syndrome, was authored by Carmen Gomez-Lavin of the University of Navarra in Spain. It states that 80 percent of women who had had abortions suffer from symptoms of depression, and 40 percent have contemplated suicide.

In addition, 70% of such women exhibit irritability, 60% suffer behavioral disturbances, 40% experience sexual disturbances, and 30% have been involved in drug abuse.

The report also states that women who obtain abortions have a mortality rate 3.5 to 6 times higher, and a suicide rate between 6 and 7 times higher than that of women who give birth.

"The scientific evidence demonstrates that having an abortion, far from improving the psychological health of the woman, causes serious psychological disturbances in a majority of them," writes Gomez-Lavin.

See also these other studies


Abortion harassment

Read about this over at island breezes.

The University of Manitoba has shown its intolerance and bigotry against a renowned and experienced professor and doctor because he did not tow the politically correct pro-abortion and pro-establishment line regarding family medicine.

island breezes

Catholic Fire: What You Might Not Know About the Pill

Catholic Fire: What You Might Not Know About the Pill

Interesting article I read about the contraceptive pill.

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What you Might Not Know About the Pill

Gay psychologist 'sees the light', or does he?

Controversy rages over whether people with same sex attraction can be cured of the disorder. During the 1980s, Paul Martin was at the helm of an 'ex-gay ministry movement' - one that tried to cure people of “same sex attraction” (SSA).

At the time he was providing 'treatment and religious counselling' to hundreds of men and women, the group still operates in cities across the country.Mr Martin, 45, "At the time I truly believed I was on a journey to being repaired, I was convinced my sexuality could be changed," he said.

This is opposed to what numerous studies have found. SSA is not a stable condition. The majority of those who experience SSA during adolescence find the problem has disappeared by the time they reach 25 without any intervention.(1) Those who seek therapy or spiritual counseling can achieve various levels of freedom from SSA.

Research has documented the benefits of therapy.(2) In fact, a study specifically designed to document the damage done by therapy directed at resolving SSA found that a number of subjects reported being helped by the therapy.(3) Mercator

Despite the research, Mr Martin claims that "some think being gay is a psychiatric disorder, against the will of God and therefore inherently evil ... they believe homosexuals can change through healing." Of the dozens of so-called reformed gays Mr Martin worked with 20 years ago, only a few are still heterosexual and the majority wound up leading "messy lives", he said. "Some of those people got married but it inevitably ended in divorce and the sad part is most situations involved children."

It is important to note regardless of whether same sex attraction is curable or not, people who take part in homosexual acts are at risk. In spite of intensive AIDS education, young men of any age who have sex with men are at extremely high risk for infection with STDs, including HIV/AIDS, involvement with alcohol and drugs, in particular crystal meth, and depression.(4)

Condom education with this population has been a failure. While condoms properly used provide limited protection against certain STDs, research shows that those most at risk do not use condoms with every sexual contact. The combination of drugs and high risk sex has reignited an STD/HIV epidemic among men having sex with men (MSM).(5) Mercator

Anyone who experiences a same sex attraction and would like help can go to NARTH or Exodus International

(1) National Health and Social Life Survey (1994). In. E. O. Laumann, et al, The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 294-296); Nigel Dickson, C. Paul, P. Herbison, (2002). "Same-sex attraction in a birth cohort: prevalence and persistence in early adulthood," Social Science & Medicine, 56, 1607-1615.

(2), 573-578; Theo Sandfort, et al (2001). "Same-sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (Nemesis)." Archives of General Psychiatry, 58, 85-91.

(3) Ariel Shidlo & Michael Schroeder, (2002). "Changing Sexual Orientation: A Consumer’s Report," Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 33 (3), 249-259.

(4) Gary Remafedi, et al (1991). "Risk factors for attempted suicide in gay and bisexual youth," Pediatrics. 87 (6), 869-875.
(5) US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2004). HIV Testing Survey 2002, Special Surveillance Report Number 1: 1-26.

Brisbane Times.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Homosexual Harassment

Below are only two of the legal cases heard in the USA as compiled by Rancho Santa Fe Attorney Charles S. LiMandri. Affiliated with the Thomas More Law Center.

July 21, 2007: Four San Diego firefighters were ordered to participate in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. The employees filed a lawsuit against the city of San Diego in California Superior Court alleging sexual harassment and violating their freedom of speech. After a mistrial was declared, a new trial is scheduled for after the first of the year.

March 10, 2006: Catholic Charities in Massachusetts is forced out of the adoption business for the first time in 100 years because it will not place children with homosexual couples.

Read more of them at Christian Examiner.

Also see

A Norfolk County police officer has been fired after quoting the Bible regarding the immorality of homosexual sexual relations.

Nicola Roxon sacks Warrick Marsh because of his views on homosexuality

30 homosexual extremists stormed a church in Michigan USA during the service and were beating on buckets, shouting “Jesus was a homo."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doctors Pressure Mothers To Abort

SOME obstetricians are calling for more extensive prenatal screening for Down syndrome. But the "test and terminate" approach marginalises existing parents of children with Down syndrome.

Many parents are asked, "Didn't you have the test?" Giving birth to a child with Down syndrome is seen as an act of carelessness.

Down Syndrome Victoria (DSV) has a neutral prenatal policy. They believe parents need relevant, up to date, accurate information in order to make this most difficult of decisions and are deeply concerned that parents don't always get it.

Many stories can be told — such as the one about the obstetrician who refused to continue to provide services to a couple once they decided against killing their child through abortion; or the ultrasonographer who delivered a diagnosis and then wanted to schedule the abortion for the same day.

There is research to suggest that women do not always understand the nature or intent of testing and simply accept referrals from their doctors. This makes a mockery of the notion of informed consent.

Data from the Birth Defects Register suggests that prenatal testing is on the decline in Victoria. According to a report on prenatal diagnostic testing in this state, the number of diagnostic tests performed each year has decreased significantly since 1998.

A report released recently in Britain found that more women than ever before are choosing to continue with pregnancy after a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

While a similar survey has not been conducted in Victoria, the number of babies born with Down syndrome each year has remained unchanged over the past decade — between 45 and 60 babies are born each year.

Like every other child born in Victoria, those babies deserve equality and respect. They have the potential to lead full and rewarding lives as contributing members of their families and the broader community. What holds them back is not their intellectual disability but the negative attitudes and limitations imposed upon them by others.

DSV believes the barriers that limit the opportunities of people with Down syndrome are constructions of society's making. As such, they can be dismantled.

We should be working to change the world, not eliminate people with Down syndrome from it.

The Age Newspaper

Is there a natural right to same-sex marriage?

No -- but sometimes the most obvious truths are the hardest to explain.

The people of California, Arizona and Florida recently voted to amend their state constitutions to defend the age-old truth that marriage is the life-long union of a man and a woman with the object of mutual love and the raising of a family. Ever since, those in favor of recognition of same-sex marriage have complained that they have been deprived of their civil rights and denied equality. The recognition of same-sex partnerships with legal and financial benefits akin to marriage is not enough for them. They repeatedly lament the supposed loss of their civil rights and compare themselves to oppressed slaves.

Proponents of same-sex marriage are usurping the natural and civil right to marriage between a man and a woman. Unfortunately defenders of traditional marriage often have trouble defending the obvious precisely because it is self-evident and defies sound bites.

Biblical revelation about God’s creation of man and woman and his plan for marriage is abundant, but arguments for traditional marriage and against same-sex marriage are not exclusively religious. Far from it. The most convincing ones are based on universally recognised natural rights which exist prior to the state and are not created by government fiat or popular consent. Civil rights are the legal recognition of rights which derive from natural rights.

All one needs to do is reflect upon the human experience. It is easy to grasp that each human faculty, including the generative faculty, has its proper functions and ends. We can also discern basic human goods that are necessary for existence and social life, such as procreation, health, safety, freedom, friendship and religion.

Throughout the centuries people have come to recognize different rights -- such as the right to just trials, the right to practice a religion, and the right of universal suffrage. Civil rights are important mainly because they safeguard these basic human rights.

Governments protect natural rights, they do not create them.

Marriage is one of these basic human rights, one which is based on complementary sexual differences between men and women and the good of procreation. Marriage joins a male and a female in a way the involves the total person: soul, body and affections. Usually this union brings forth offspring and the children are raised in a stable environment where the children learn about manhood and womanhood. Children need both a father and a mother because each parent is different and as male and female provide for different needs.

For example, boys need a father to teach them how to respect women, to develop masculine traits and to learn discipline. A Nobel Prize laureate in economics, George Akerlof, has shown how the breakdown of marriage (1) and the absence of a father in the family or some good father figure is related to the sharp rise of delinquency in the US. This alone is nearly conclusive evidence that there is no natural right to same-sex marriage.

  1. Akerlof, GA, et al. "An Analysis of out-of-wedlock childbearing in the United States". Q J Econ. 1996 May; 111(2): 277-317.

Juan R. Vélez is a Los Angeles Catholic priest. Before becoming a priest, he worked as a physician.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pregnancy loss affects young women: study

Young women who have lost a pregnancy through abortion or miscarriage have an increased risk for substance abuse or developing a mood disorder in later life, according to an Australian study.

The Mater-University of Queensland study of pregnancy and its outcomes, involving 1223 women, found young women who had had a miscarriage before the age of 21 years were more than twice as likely to abuse illicit drugs (excluding cannabis) compared to those who had never been pregnant.

The study, which appears in the British Journal of Psychiatry, also showed that having an abortion before 21 years of age doubled the risk of alcohol abuse or of developing depression; and more than tripled the risk of illicit drug use.

Lead author, Kaeleen Dingle, from the University of Queensland says it is important that counsellors seeing young women after an abortion or miscarriage recognise they could be at risk for mental health disorders.

The findings follows two previous studies from New Zealand and Norway, that found abortion increased the risk of substance use disorders and psychiatric disorders in young women.

The evidence for mental health risks is a good argument for preventing abortion.

After an abortion, some young women struggle with the loss or the reasons behind the decision to abort their child and need extra support.

Help is available at Right to Life

Right to Life provides outreach to women in crisis through Pregnancy Counselling Australia. This hotline runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is confidential. The female counsellors discuss the callers situation, give information on pregnancy and abortion, offer post-abortion support and refer for practical support including welfare agencies, baby goods and doctors. They also offer face-to-face appointments. Women can call 1300 737 732 to talk to counsellors. If you are interested in becoming trained in pregnancy counselling and working as a volunteer on the crisis line leave a message on (03) 9388 1866.


Monday, December 15, 2008

The Pill Causes Abortion

Pro-abortion advocates have published an authoritative statement declaring that the Pill prevents implantation of embryos, thereby causing an abortion.

In a supplement to its November 2008 issue, top reproductive health journal Fertility and Sterility published the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) statement, “Hormonal contraception: recent advances and controversies.”

In a summary of the development of contraception in the United States the statement called oral contraceptives the “most widely used” reversible method. In the “wide variety” of oral contraceptives that are available, the “mechanisms of action” are the same, said the statement: “inhibition of ovulation, alteration in the cervical mucus, and/or modification of the endometrium, thus preventing implantation.”

Pro-life advocates who oppose abortion, but not contraception, have long considered the Pill as an ethical contraceptive option, as opposed to the IUD, which causes abortions by preventing implantation. However, the statement by the ASRM clearly indicates that the pill is medically classified as a drug that acts by “preventing implantation,” thereby causing the death of a fertilized embryo – a unique and living human being.

A large body of literature supports this statement, including articles from Fertility and Sterility. The most significant of these is a 1996 study by a group of OB/GYNs from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, that concluded that “impaired uterine receptivity” is “one mechanism by which OCs exert their contraceptive actions.”

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A strong family life offers the benefits of mental and emotional health.

Advocates of same-sex unions often insist that because 3-5 percent percent of the population is homosexual, some legal provision ought to be made for them to establish families.

Some have suggested that same-sex pairs can be parents and provide for families. Fortunately same sex couples cannot have a family without enormous bending of the natural process, both physical and psychological. The legal woes of surrogate mothers and shared parentage where same-sex pairs have split up is a knotted tangle where the child is the victim, as celebrity cases have demonstrated. The psychological confusion and education failures of children raised in same-sex households is widely documented.

Few moderate-minded people have thought about the actual lives of children exposed to same-sex households. Children raised in same-sex environments are five times as likely to suffer physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases reduce the life expectancy of homosexual persons, increasing the likelihood of early loss of a parent or surrogate parent.

Those who promote same-sex unions seek to ease the hurt they see in their loved ones and co-workers. Their intention is to be compassionate. Our goal is to show how preserving and strengthening marriages and families is the best for the whole of society, including those with same-sex attraction. .

From How to Make the Case for Marriage

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Homosexual Harassment

A Norfolk County police officer has been fired after quoting the Bible regarding the immorality of homosexual sexual relations.

Officer Graham Cogman was reportedly dismissed from his position in late November after he sent an email quoting Biblical passages denouncing homosexual behavior, and another e-mail linking to a ministry in the USA that seeks to cure homosexuals of their condition.

Cogman says he sent the emails after being "bombarded" with emails sent by police department employees promoting the "gay" agenda, including messages urging him to wear a pink ribbon in honor of "gay history month." He reportedly responded to one email from a homosexual liaison officer with the Christian saying, "Love the sinner, hate the deed."

There are no reports of firings or discipline against the employees of the police department who promote homosexual behavior.

Police officials claim that Cogman violated department regulations regarding computer use, as well as regulations requiring "politeness and tolerance," according to one media report. "This officer's behavior fell well below what we expect of our people," said department spokesman Ian Learmoth.

Cogman is reportedly appealing the decision with the help of the Christian Legal


How about you fill up the email box there at the Norfolk Police Department and see if we can make a difference and stop homosexual harassment.

I am writing with regard to Officer Graham Cogman who was reportedly dismissed from his position in late November after he sent an email quoting Biblical passages denouncing homosexual behavior. I was alerted to this situation through web site.

The Norfolk Police Department has bullied Officer Cogman and attempted to silence him over his views about homosexual acts. This indicates an unwillingness on the part of The Norfolk Police Department to listen to the views of other people who dissent from the politically correct norms of recent years. The Norfolk Police Department has demonstrated a complete lack of tolerance for other people's views.

I insist that you reinstate Office Cogman with full pay and an apology from the Norfolk Police Department for harassment and wrongful dismissal.

Contact Information:

Norfolk Police Department
(44) 0845 456 4567 (from the US, dial "011" first)

More information at Life Site

How is it that reserving marriage to one woman and one man is the best for society?

Marriage and family provide benefits to society by producing, raising, and educating the next generation.

Sex is powerful; sex makes babies. Its effect on individuals and communities is such that it is never unregulated in any society. Imagine a culture where marriage and sexual relationships have no regulations, no taboos. No stable families are formed, and thus the work of families goes untended or must be assumed by the state: Children are not properly educated, children and women are abandoned, no one is responsible for sick family members or the elderly, because where all are family, none are family, merely autonomous individuals with whom you have had a temporary liaison. Inheritance laws have no meaning, and the community is marred by jealousies, sexual violence, and pedophilia.

This "free love" model does not work, since no such model of a culture has ever survived. In early societies or primitive tribal societies of today, chiefs regulate sexual relationships—principally via marriages—so that the whole of their community does not devolve into violent chaos. This example helps people envision the truth about the meaning of sex other than as a personal activity.

The preservation of marriage is not a negative force against personal choices. Those choices are not made illegal by preserving natural marriage as the only model of marriage legally recognized by the state. In actuality, preserving the definition preserves the truth that men and women make babies; men and women and their babies make families. To acknowledge that observable reality in no manner detracts for the legal freedom to make a "lifestyle choice."

From How to Make the Case for Marriage

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hewlett-Packard granting $8.3 million to support worldwide abortion.

The Hewlett Foundation has granted International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF) $8.3 million to support worldwide abortion.

Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition said “don't buy their ink cartridges.” Pro-lifers who use Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers can send a message by investing in a new printer from another company, he said, but those who keep their old printers would be able to make a very significant impact by choosing to purchase refurbished ink cartridges. HP makes no profit from refurbished cartridges.

"If Hewlett Packard were whacked with laser beam precision right where it hurts financially for putting itself so firmly behind abortion supporters, that would have an impact on their thinking and actions," said Hughes.

"A sudden lurch the wrong direction (down) in the financial bedrock would be a tremendous blow, fiscally and psychologically. People at the top would notice, they'd want to know why, and they would do the research necessary to figure it out; they would learn."

So how about writing a short letter to HP right now. Something like this.

Dear Mr Hurd

I read on the internet at that your company Hewlett-Packard is helping to fund abortion world wide by financially supporting Planned Parent Hood. It is wrong to kill children through abortion so I will no longer be purchasing any products from HP until they stop funding Planned Parent Hood.

To contact Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd:

To contact the Hewlett Foundation:
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
2121 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: (650) 234-4500
Fax: (650) 234-4501

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