Sunday, December 7, 2008

Demographic Winter

The resulting slowdown in the growth of the number of children coupled with the steady increase in the number of older persons has deeply impacted the balance of society.

This short video gives a rundown on this important issue from Kingfisher Column .

The video also backs up what the Untied Nations have said in its global population estimates report.

Last year the United Nations released its global population estimates, revealing an alarming population shift that will have serious worldwide consequences within the near future. The blame lies on the rapid spread of abortion, contraception and sterilization in the past century.

The report indicates that people above 60 years old are starting to outnumber children, those under age 15. By 2047 old people will outnumber children on a global scale, the report states, although developed countries already reached this mark in 1998.

The report projects that by 2050, those aged 60 and over will comprise one third of the population in developed regions. In the developing nations, however, they will account for only one fifth of the population, a ratio at which the wealthier countries have already arrived.

The population trend profoundly affects every area of human life economic, political and social and is "irreversible", the report claims. In addition, the issue has been intensifying for decades; older people comprised 8% of the population in 1950, and this number increased to 11% by 2007. The UN predicts that the number will rise to 22% by 2050.

At present the median age worldwide is 28 years, a number that is expected to rise to 38 by 2050. The oldest country is Japan, with a median age of 43, while the youngest is Uganda, with a median age of 15.

These numbers will have a serious effect on the working population, which will be forced to bear an increasingly heavy burden of retirees. By 2050 the ratio of workers between 15 and 64 to older persons will have decreased from 12 to 1 in 1950 to a mere 4 to 1.

It is time that abortion was made illegal and that couples started having more children and renounced their love affair with contraception.

More information at Life Site

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ruby said...

it's interesting that some people watch this video and immediately think: THIS IS ABOUT CONTRACEPTION! THEY ARE TRYING TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THAT CONTRACEPTION IS BAD

or they say


1. I'm not opposed to contraception. But I think the hostile view towards children and families needs to stop. Why is it bad to support a desire to have and love many children? (as many as one can emotionally/financially/physically care for?) It should be celebrated to have children (no matter how many).

2. Can't france be concerned about it's native population and it's culture? shouldn't the disappearance of any race or culture be a concern?

3. bonus: abortion should be stopped. (it isn't birth control).

thanks for the post and thanks for linking me on your page!