Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dr Philip Nitschke launches 'flawless' euthanasia device

PREMIER Mike Rann has joined anti-euthanasia lobbyists in condemning Dr Philip Nitschke's "dangerous and irresponsible" new death device.

The Advertiser revealed today that the 61-year-old Darwin doctor was promoting the device – components of which can be bought from hardware stores. Only 80 people attended the launch in Adelaide.

"I think it's extremely dangerous in terms of young people who might be potentially suicidal, or people who are dealing with serious depression,'' Mr Rann said. "I just think that Mr Nitschke gets publicity after publicity ... what we saw this morning, what he's talking about is dangerous and irresponsible."

Right to Life Australia president Marcel White said Dr Nitschke was not interested in helping sick and vulnerable Australians experiencing severe health difficulties, but was instead obsessed with self-promotion and outlandish stunts. "Nitschke is returning with a new gas chamber contraption which is both breathtakingly stupid and grossly irresponsible, two qualities we have come to expect from this doctor who trades in death," he said. "If the sum total of Nitschke's medical endeavors is proliferating slap-dash self-killing machines then perhaps he needs a more fulfilling hobby. "It remains a mystery why Nitschke is so enamoured with the idea of promoting suicide, but we certainly need the Government to step in and stop his traveling sideshow because it tears apart families and actually robs people of the peaceful death he is disingenuously promising.''

The new process makes use of ordinary household products including a barbecue gas bottle – purchased at an Adelaide hardware store yesterday morning – which is then filled with another gas which is readily available. Dr Nitschke has developed a process in which "patients" lose consciousness immediately and die a few minutes later.

If you are feeling depressed, lonely or have personal problems, you can get help at : Lifeline on 131 114, Sane on 1800 18 7263, Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 or Mensline Australia on 1300 789 978 or log on to Beyond Blue here or phone 1300 224 636.



emissary said...

I think all of us go through difficult periods in our lives. For some, death might start to look more pleasant than life. But most of us pull through those times and are stronger because of them. What this promotes is the idea that we shouldn't have to go through hard times. Avoid the pain entirely. But because people are forced to live, some of them learn to really appreciate life. Why take that away?

Secular Heretic said...

We have to face it there are hard times in everyones lives. I think the main push for euthanasia are for those who are near death from an illness.

This is why we have palliative care. When you start putting people "down" like an old dog you cross the line of respect for life.

tiredandready said...

For me it has been years, more than 30 that I have wanted to take my own life. I keep plugging away thinking things will get better.

Got through college, highest honors. Had a great job. Then some CEO ruins the company, and I am laid off, after losing thousands in stock.

Lost a woman I was engaged to at age 19 she was 18 pregnant and died in an accident.

Was molested as a child.

Parents divorced

I been divorced

Was at a great job and found someone I really loved, then she took my car and went out on a bender, she caused 3000 in damages and while trying to bring her into law enforcement, as they refused to see my car as stolen or as any crime took place, I ended up in jail

That stay, which was a week long, but lead to months in court and messed up my career, is leading to my bankruptcy

Have a really stupid job, got a speeding ticket that was total bullshit

I want an exit bag.

Think being able to go and ask to die should be as lawful as abortion, and it is insane that it is not.

War used to be the economic save all, but in today’s world few really die at war.

The hard economic times are forcing women into topless dancing and porno movies. Why should I not be allowed to die and give someone else my job?

I am not afraid of hell at all.

My biggest fear is reincarnation and having to go through life again

Secular Heretic said...

Having a great job, power and stacks of money won't give you the peace that you want.

Stop dwelling on past misfortunes, enjoy the moment for what it is and stop thinking about imagined future terrors.

Be greatfull for the food you have, shelter, sunsets, friends and family.

Donate some of your time to others, work a few hours a week at some charity or something.

I hope this helps you. All the best.