Sunday, December 14, 2008

Homosexual Harassment

A Norfolk County police officer has been fired after quoting the Bible regarding the immorality of homosexual sexual relations.

Officer Graham Cogman was reportedly dismissed from his position in late November after he sent an email quoting Biblical passages denouncing homosexual behavior, and another e-mail linking to a ministry in the USA that seeks to cure homosexuals of their condition.

Cogman says he sent the emails after being "bombarded" with emails sent by police department employees promoting the "gay" agenda, including messages urging him to wear a pink ribbon in honor of "gay history month." He reportedly responded to one email from a homosexual liaison officer with the Christian saying, "Love the sinner, hate the deed."

There are no reports of firings or discipline against the employees of the police department who promote homosexual behavior.

Police officials claim that Cogman violated department regulations regarding computer use, as well as regulations requiring "politeness and tolerance," according to one media report. "This officer's behavior fell well below what we expect of our people," said department spokesman Ian Learmoth.

Cogman is reportedly appealing the decision with the help of the Christian Legal


How about you fill up the email box there at the Norfolk Police Department and see if we can make a difference and stop homosexual harassment.

I am writing with regard to Officer Graham Cogman who was reportedly dismissed from his position in late November after he sent an email quoting Biblical passages denouncing homosexual behavior. I was alerted to this situation through web site.

The Norfolk Police Department has bullied Officer Cogman and attempted to silence him over his views about homosexual acts. This indicates an unwillingness on the part of The Norfolk Police Department to listen to the views of other people who dissent from the politically correct norms of recent years. The Norfolk Police Department has demonstrated a complete lack of tolerance for other people's views.

I insist that you reinstate Office Cogman with full pay and an apology from the Norfolk Police Department for harassment and wrongful dismissal.

Contact Information:

Norfolk Police Department
(44) 0845 456 4567 (from the US, dial "011" first)

More information at Life Site


Ron Maldonado said...

This is a travisty! A government agency that IS NOT UPHOLDING the Constitution of The United States specifically the 1st amendment! These agencies need to understand that they are to uphold the laws and specifically the Constitution!

Secular Heretic said...

The incident happened in England. But it still is harassment.

Anonymous said...

Had this incident happened in the U.S., the officer still should have been fired.

The existence of
organizations in government employment protecting the interests of gays an Christians violates no one's rights. Attacks on gays and Christians made by co-workers do violate these rights.

If the pro-gay organizations had made public statements attacking Christianity and demanding that Christians apostacize, then Christians would have a comparable complaint.

Anonymous said...

The Levitican incitement to ritual murder against homosexuals certainly is harassment. Citing in on a government job should be grounds for immediate dismissal.