Sunday, December 14, 2008

How is it that reserving marriage to one woman and one man is the best for society?

Marriage and family provide benefits to society by producing, raising, and educating the next generation.

Sex is powerful; sex makes babies. Its effect on individuals and communities is such that it is never unregulated in any society. Imagine a culture where marriage and sexual relationships have no regulations, no taboos. No stable families are formed, and thus the work of families goes untended or must be assumed by the state: Children are not properly educated, children and women are abandoned, no one is responsible for sick family members or the elderly, because where all are family, none are family, merely autonomous individuals with whom you have had a temporary liaison. Inheritance laws have no meaning, and the community is marred by jealousies, sexual violence, and pedophilia.

This "free love" model does not work, since no such model of a culture has ever survived. In early societies or primitive tribal societies of today, chiefs regulate sexual relationships—principally via marriages—so that the whole of their community does not devolve into violent chaos. This example helps people envision the truth about the meaning of sex other than as a personal activity.

The preservation of marriage is not a negative force against personal choices. Those choices are not made illegal by preserving natural marriage as the only model of marriage legally recognized by the state. In actuality, preserving the definition preserves the truth that men and women make babies; men and women and their babies make families. To acknowledge that observable reality in no manner detracts for the legal freedom to make a "lifestyle choice."

From How to Make the Case for Marriage


Liberty Belle said...

Yes! Exactly. There is no culture of gay people anywhere among all the independently evolving societies of the earth that has succeeded. That is extremely significant because time is the test of viability. The gay lifestyle is not equal to traditional marriage because beyond just physical sex, it does not provide the necessary glue to hold the fabric of societies together. It’s not physically healthy either, do your research. Even setting aside AIDS, there just aren’t people running around touting the health benefits of the gay lifestyle. The truth is, self destructive gay unions are not merely another choice in a smorgasbord of equal options for marriage choices.

Don’t confuse equal people with equal actions. People are equal, but their actions are not necessarily equal.

The various successful cultures of the earth have similar things in common, one is a reverence for the family and an interest in it’s stability. The whole thing about gay culture is that any idea of right and wrong is tossed on it’s head if it interferes with self interest. Self interest unchecked can’t create societal stability.

Secular Heretic said...

Well said Liberty Belle.

Great comment.

The homosexual life style produces no life at all. It's more like an anti life style.