Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lesbian Killer Challenges Life Sentence

One of two lesbians who shared a kiss over the body of their teenage murder victim has sought to have her life sentence reduced.

Jessica Stasinowsky, 21, who was jailed in March for a minimum of 24 years for the wilful murder of 16-year-old Stacey Mitchell, has argued to the West Australian Court of Appeal that the sentence is too severe.

Stacey took half an hour to die after being bludgeoned with a concrete block and strangled with a chain in December 2006 because she had been "annoying".
Stasinowsky and 19-year-old Valerie Parashumti, who was also jailed for life over the killing, kissed over the teenager's body before dumping it in a wheelie bin.

One of the three Appeal Court judges drew attention to the fact that the pair had recorded the crime scene on a mobile phone, suggesting to Mr Percy it was in the worst category of offences. Mr Percy said: "We say that it is short of the worst category."

These women are violent and in need of psychological help. It is no surprise to some that violence is a part of the lesbian life style.

Extensive research indicates that suicide, molestation, and violence are factors found to be disproportionally high with people who suffer from same sex attraction.

They are also more likely to experience psychological problems.
Research indicates that 10% of lesbians consulted a psychologist, as did 11% of bisexual women, well above the proportion of only 4% among heterosexual women.

Perhaps it is time we reconsidered the common belief that homosexuality is an “acceptable life style choice”. The condition may be more dangerous than we think.

More information at The Sydney Morning Herald

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