Monday, December 8, 2008

New Victorian laws allow gays to 'commission' surrogate children

Gay men will be able to commission a baby via a surrogate mother under new Victorian laws in Australia.

The landmark laws, passed in State Parliament late on Thursday, legalise surrogacy and give lesbians and single women access to fertility treatment, including IVF.

The Australian Christian Lobby has denounced the legislation as “social engineering” and says it will enable gay men to “order” a surrogate baby on demand.

“It steps outside the natural family, two men can’t (physically) have a baby,” lobby spokesman Rob Ward said.

The wishes of homosexuals to have children should not be placed above the inalienable rights of children to be conceived through the loving embrace of a mother and a father.

There are good reasons that children need both biological parents. The sexes are different. Because gender is a real phenomenon, it should come as no surprise that men and women parent differently. Men and women bring different, complementary skills to childrearing. Men are more likely to play expansively with their children than to do mundane care taking; women tend to be more practical. Mothers tend to be more responsive to their child's immediate needs, while fathers tend to be more firm, more oriented to abstract standards of justice (right and wrong). Kids need both.

Mothers tend to emphasize the emotional security of their children, while fathers tend to stress competition and risk taking. Mothers tend to seek the immediate well-being of the child, while fathers tend to foster long-term autonomy and independence. Children need both parents, because they learn different lessons from each. Neither fathers nor mothers are expendable. The presence of a father is critical to a male child's learning self-control and appropriate male behavior, especially learning to respect women. Similarly, the presence of a father is vital for a female child's self-respect and eventual development of a healthy adult sexuality. Children need mothers just as much. The presence of both parents seems to be necessary for ideally balanced emotional and mental development.

Marriage between a man and a women, is a major public health issue and not just a private affair. Marriages that are exclusive, permanent, unconditional, and life-giving contribute much to public health and longevity; marriages that fail any of these criteria and end in divorce create an enormous social, emotional, and health care burden for the couple, their children, and society.

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Pearl said...

That's amazing. It's interesting that gay rights activists are so intent on proving that their lifestyle is okay and healthy and just as good as a heterosexual relationship, and yet it cannot self-perpetuate. And when a child is placed into such a relationship through some unnatural process, studies prove that life will be less than ideal for that child. Sad. Not only are gays hurting themselves, they are also hurting the most innocent of innocents. Thanks for this article. Your thoughts are very cohesive and succinct.

ruby said...

thanks for the article. i love how adults run around thinking that anything they "want" is justified-- including children.

no one asks a kid if they want two dads or two moms. no one asks that kid if they are prepared to grow up without a mom or a dad.

to create this situation on purpose is a reflection of our world's selfishness.

it will be interesting to see what happens in 50 years as a result of this one change.

Secular Heretic said...

Pearl, you are right when you say that people who have a same sex attraction are hurting themselves by pursuing the gay lifestyle.

Frank said...

There is no one gay lifestyle. Some are promiscuous, some are monogamous, and some are celibate.

Secular Heretic said...

I agree with you here Frank.

When I used the term 'gay lifestyle' I'm talking about people who have a same sex attraction and participate in homosexual acts.

Of course there are those who do have a same sex attraction but do not take part in homosexual acts.