Sunday, December 28, 2008

What marriage is all about

I found this great little 2 minute video about marriage over at "A Catholic View"

It runs through a few facts about marriage that some people forget.
  • Human procreation is different from animal reproduction.
  • God has a plan for marriage and human sexuality.

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Jan Baker said...

When neopagans scornfully ask their rhetorical question, how does allowing poor homosexuals to marry hurt your precious heterosexual marriage, this is the answer. This is marriage, in all its beauty and in all its solemnity. A contract for forever, no loopholes, no evasion. The most precious and the most fragile of institutions, possible only with God's grace. This is what Carrie Bradshaw wanted, and instead she got the gay version of marriage. She got registered, like a dog. She got a license, revocable at any time. She got rented. And her friends weren't invited, because of course that part of real marriage, when the community comes together to put its stamp on the union and its promise to protect it at all costs against all threats, that part is missing from the counterfeit. We must beg people and especially women misled by false feminists if they wish to say goodbye forever to this precious relic of Christianity and substitute the new "freedom" for life-long love. (Muslim women must ask themselves the same question! Some of them are asking for the same "rights" Muslim men have regarding very easy divorce.)