Friday, January 23, 2009

Bolivia will hold a referendum on a new constitution which will promote abortion and open the way for “gay marriage.”

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Article 66 of the new constitution would "guarantee to women and men the exercise of their sexual and reproductive rights," a phrase that is customarily used by international pro-abortion organizations to refer to the so called "right" to abortion and contraception. There is apparently no mention of a person's obligations or responsibilities with regard to sexuality and the children conceived through those actions.

Article 14, paragraph 2, states that "the government prohibits and sanctions all forms of discrimination based on ... sexual orientation, gender identity..." The new constitution may give gay activists access to religious institutions, schools, and daycare centers. This basically means that you can't say no if some gay group wants to hire your church to have a gay festival. The ruling may also enable gay activists to force “gay marriage” onto society and be able to adopt children thereby excluding them from the benefits of a mother and father.

The article's assertion of rights to "gender identity" refers to the "right" of individuals who are confused to decide what gender they have, independent of their actual physical gender. If approved, it will be the first constitutional recognition of "gender identity", requiring men who claim they are women to be recognized and treated as such. Many believe that people with gender identity confusion should really be receiving help from psychiatrists not encouraging this type of silliness through government legislation.

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Euripides said...

I lived in Bolivia for a long time. It's a shame this activism has to enter even the humblest of countries.