Friday, January 16, 2009

The “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” Report Warns Syphilis is Still Ravaging the Homosexual Community

Syphilis, a disease close to being eliminated as a public health threat less than a decade ago, has increased each year since 2000 and remains a serious threat to the health of homosexual and bisexual men.

In recent years, men who have sex with men (MSM) have accounted for an increasing number of estimated syphilis cases in the United States and now account for 65% of syphilis cases in the United States. Despite the majority of U.S. syphilis cases occurring among MSM, syphilis cases among heterosexuals is an emerging problem given the recent increases among women and infants.

In 2007, (MSM) represented 65 percent of the 11,466 P&S syphilis cases reported. Increases in cases among MSM have occurred and have been characterized by high rates of HIV co-infection and high-risk sexual behavior. Syphilis among MSM is of particular concern because it can facilitate HIV transmission and lead to irreversible complications such as strokes, especially in those who already have HIV. There is also the financial burden that this life style places on health care budgets.

See the full CDC report:


Jessica said...

This is what happens when ideology and religion dictate prevention funding in place of sound science. This post conveniently leaves out the decreasing trend in funding available for effective prevention efforts over the same time period of the increase in syphillis cases. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy to first say "We're not going to allow prevention funds to be utilized for prevention that only speaks to intercourse as it pertains to a married man and woman" and then ten years later say "see, all the gays are contracting syphillis, paying the moral price for their lifestyles, at the cost of the taxpayer". It's ridiculous and illogical and I resent that our Constitution specifically protects religious freedom, yet we have public health policies that directly force the religious beliefs of one segment of our population down the throat of everyone else. It is immoral to judge, regardless of your religious affiliation and it is unconstitutional. Moreover, it is a public health calamity, as explained by any CDC official. Just ask them.

Euripides said...

This is just the sort of stuff the homosexual community doesn't talk about. I understand HIV is on the rise among homosexual men as well.

the pomegranate apple said...

thanks for posting this secular. gay sex is not healthy. even "Committed" or the rare monogamous--not healthy.

Secular Heretic said...

are you suggesting that funding for prevention of the disease has been decreased? I imagine that education about the disease might reduce the numbers of infections. From what I understand it is not a homosexual disease but a promiscuous disease. The article mentions that homosexuals have the highest rate of infection and that heterosexual infections are also increasing.
whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, a promiscuous lifestyle inflicts a financial burden onto a nation.
I don't see the connection between religion and a research paper on syphilis.

Euripides, pomegranate,
I understand that there have been a large number of new diseases come about in the last 20 years spread through promiscuous behaviour.

Anonymous said...

In recent years, men who have sex with men (MSM) have accounted for an increasing number of estimated syphilis cases in the United States and now account for 65% of syphilis cases in the United States.

So less than 3% of the population is responsible for 65% of the syphilis. And it's because they are "MSM", a polite way of saying men who have anal sex with other men. Really, even the CDC is trying to kowtow to homosexual political correctness, degrading their effectiveness in their job of protecting the health of our nation. But there is just no way to dress up this statistic. Homosexual sex - there's just nothing good about it!