Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dr Alveda King

"African Americans are pro-life and favor procreative marriage," said Dr. King. "As we see the dawn of a new year and a great milestone being passed, blacks across the country should let our new president know that we want babies in the womb protected and traditional marriage respected.

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leftcoastconservative said...

I am not sure why the leaders of the liberal social agenda thought that the black voters would suddenly leave their beliefs behind and embrace abortion and gay marriage.

Our brothers and sisters from the black community have stood up proudly for families and God. Let us stand with them and be united as we fight back against all those who would destroy life, in the womb or by tearing apart families.

Secular Heretic said...

It's about setting up an image. Some people feel safe going along with the crowd. If they can convince some that the crowd want to support "gay marriage" then they win some over to it or at least stop them from protesting against it.