Thursday, January 22, 2009

“Gay Marriage” Laws Open the Way For Polygamy and Sibling Marriage

Polygamy, Gay Marriage

Accused polygamist Winston Blackmore will cite Canada’s “gay marriage” laws as part of his defense against a charge that he has 20 wives.

Blackmore, 52, is scheduled to appear in court in Creston on Wednesday on a charge of practicing polygamy. James Oler, 44, also faces a charge of polygamy. Blackmore is accused of having 20 wives and Oler of having two. They each face a maximum of five years in prison.

There has been several investigations involving allegations of polygamy, sexual abuse and trafficking of teenage brides across the Canada-U.S. border to sister communities in the U.S.

Blackmore said in an e-mail to The Canadian Press, “It’s pretty hard to justify why “gay marriage” is OK and polygamy is not.’’

Blackmore has highlighted the deficiencies in Canada's “gay marriage” laws through this simple statement. If marriage can be extended to include couples of the same sex “gay marriage”, then why can't it also include three people of the same sex? This is a difficult question that I don't think “gay marriage” proponents can answer. If we continue this line of reasoning why not allow a gay couple to marry even if they have the same biological parents?

It was a mistake for the Canadian government to allow “gay marriage”. It has opened the door to allow all sorts of deformed definitions of marriage. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Anything else and marriage loses its status and value in society.

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Aussie Therese said...

I wonder if anyone can answer why gay marriage would be okay but polygamy not. I don't think I would like to try and answer that question.

Anonymous said...

He's using anything as a defense. It's a hail-Mary play that is ridiculous. He is married to women. So technically by his defense, marriage between man and women opens him up to marry multiple women. They are all straight, so it's ok right? Or maybe he's using the "well they get to do what they want, so why can't I do this?" 5-year old defense, which is stupid in itself. Breaking the law is breaking the law. Everyone's morals are their own, but the law is the law. Simple as that.

Secular Heretic said...

I agree Anonymous, breaking the law is breaking the law. In many countries homosexual sex is illegal. I think it should stay that way and those who do break the law in this way should be punished.

Canada has made "gay marriage" legal. Is used to be illegal. The law was changed because it was deemed to discriminate against those couples. Now there are those who would like to make it legal for three to marry and for siblings to marry. Are we not also discriminating against the threesome by making it illegal to marry? What principle is there that makes it OK for same sex couples to marry but not a threesome?

Christa Jeanne said...

This is exactly what I predicted to happen in the midst of Prop. 8 here in California - if you change the criteria of marriage from a heterosexual couple (which would generally then be able to procreate and perpetuate the human race, binding together the innate gender differences into a whole family unity) to any two people in love, then where do you draw the line? It baffled me how so many gay-marriage supporters argued that it would only be two men or two women - and called us bigoted for likening their unions to polygamy and incest. But fact of the matter is, if it's all about love, then how can you say polygamy or incest cross the line?

Secular Heretic said...

You are absolutely right Christa Jeanne. If you accept "gay marriage" as a right then you are compelled, in order to remain consistent, that siblings also have a right to marry.