Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mandurah Gay Mardi Gras Slammed

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Late last year, Mandurah city councilors voted 8-3 to direct chief executive Allan Claydon to explore an annual Gay Mardi Gras extravaganza similar to Sydney's famous Mardi Gras and the Pride Festival held in Northbridge an inner city entertainment district of Perth. Mandurah is situated 74kms south of Western Australia's capital city, Perth.

Mr Claydon's report is due in April. Supporters claim such an event would be a boon for tourism. "It's like Rio, there's places all over that have a Mardi Gras," Mandurah Councilor John Hughes said. "And you should not exclude a Northbridge-style or Sydney Gay Mardi Gras either. "I don't have a problem with (gay folk) coming here, I have no problem at all. Another couple of councilors have said to me they don't want 'poofs' wandering around town. I find that kind of terminology offensive."

Not everyone want to unleash a Gay Mardi Gras on the family holiday destination of Mandurah. Many respectable people recongnise that homosexual acts are disordered. Kathy Phillips-Jones wrote to the Mandurah Mail. "I am horrified at Mandurah City councilor John Hughes' idea to include a Gay Mardi Gras parade into Mandurah's festival and events program," Kathy Phillips-Jones of Meadow Springs "Why is the city council even suggesting, let alone approving, an idea which thousands of people in the community are morally and socially opposed to?

From what I have read on the internet, these Gay Mardi Gras festivals are nothing but an opportunity to celebrate promiscuity and homosexual sex. Neither of which are beneficial to the participants or society in general. People with a same sex attraction need help to live a celibate life. Participating in homosexual acts is damaging to a person's health which in turn becomes a financial burden on the health care system. Instead of celebrating homosexual acts and trying to get everyone to believe that it is normal, they should hold a workshop on how to live a healthy life while coping with same sex attraction.



Aussie Therese said...

Why do gay people need a parade? I have never heard of heterosexual couples coming out and celebrating their sexual orientation.

Secular Heretic said...

That's because heterosexual people feel confident in the rightness of their decision to marry. They don't need to try and convince people that it is normal, everyone knows it is.

Anonymous said...

Every day is straight pride day!

beetlebabee said...

"Instead of celebrating homosexual acts and trying to get everyone to believe that it is normal, they should hold a workshop on how to live a healthy life while coping with same sex attraction."

This is true. With the studies that we have already, we know that the gay lifestyle brings with it angst, anxiety and unhappiness. The epitome of this is in countries where gay marriage has been legal for some time and is completely accepted. Homosexual couples still suffer unhappiness, short lifespans, addiction, violence and sexual abuse including pedophilia in much higher instances than the regular population.

Taken to the fullest extent it's still not a happy, healthy lifestyle that is equal on it's face to the standard man/woman nuclear family based society. It's completely against the city's self interest long term to be advocating and encouraging social deviancy.

Secular Heretic said...

I wouldn't want one of these events taking part in my town. From what I have read Mandurah is a nice quiet sea side family holiday destination. It would be really inappropriate to have a group marching through the streets promoting a twisted view of human sexuality.