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Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting

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Dawn Stefanowicz has released a new book titled “Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting.” It is a compelling, fast-paced, and no-holds-barred narrative of one child’s journey from birth to the end of innocence—and beyond—as the daughter of a homosexual father.

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Here is an extract from Dawn's web site. Dawn Stefanowicz

My name is Dawn Stefanowicz, I grew up in a homosexual household during the 60s and 70s in Toronto, exposed to many different people in GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, Transsexual) subcultures, and explicit sexual practices.

I have considered some of the potential physical and psychological health risks for children raised in this situation. I was at high risk of exposure to contagious STDs due to sexual molestation, my father's high-risk sexual behaviors, and multiple partners. Even when my father was in what looked like monogamous relationships, he continued cruising for anonymous sex.

I came to deeply care for, love and compassionately understand my dad. He shared his life regrets with me. Unfortunately, my father, as a child, was sexually and physically abused by older males. Due to this, he lived with depression, control issues, anger outbursts, suicidal tendencies, and sexual compulsions. He tried to fulfill his legitimate needs for his father's affirmation, affection and attention with transient and promiscuous relationships. He and his partners were exposed to various contagious STD's as they traveled across North America. My father's (ex)partners, whom I had deep caring feelings for and associated with, had drastically shortened lives due to suicide, contracting HIV or Aids. Sadly, my father died of AIDS in 1991.

According to a growing number of personal testimonies, experts, and organizations, there is mounting evidence of strong commonalities to my personal experiences. Not only do children do best with both a mother and a father in a lifelong marriage bond, children need responsible monogamous parents who have no extramarital sexual partners. Parental promiscuity, abuse and divorce are not good for children.

From a young age, I was exposed to explicit sexual speech, self-indulgent lifestyles, varied GLBT subcultures and gay vacation spots. Sex looked gratuitous to me as a child. I was exposed to all inclusive manifestations of sexuality including bathhouse sex, cross-dressing, sodomy, pornography, gay nudity, lesbianism, bisexuality, minor recruitment, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Sado-masochism was alluded to and aspects demonstrated. Alcohol and drugs were often contributing factors to lower inhibitions in my father's relationships.

My father prized unisex dressing, gender-neutral aspects and a famous cross-dressing icon when I was eight years old. I did not see the value of biological complementing differences of male and female or think about marriage. I made vows to never have children since I had not grown up in a safe, sacrificial, child-centered home environment. I can tell you that I suffered long term in this situation, and this has been professionally documented.

Over two decades of direct exposure to these stressful experiences caused me insecurity, depression, suicidal thoughts, dread, anxiousness, low self-esteem, sleeplessness and sexuality confusion. My conscience and innocence were seriously damaged. I witnessed that every other family member suffered severely as well.

Marriage needs to remain a societal foundation that constitutes, represents, and defends the inherently procreative relationship between the husband and the wife for the welfare of their biological children. Children need consistent appropriate boundaries and secure expressions of emotional intimacy that are not sexualized in the home and community.

Why is such a small, unrepresentative clique within the GLBT subcultures wanting same-sex marriage? Mr. John McKellar, Executive Director of H.O.P.E. (Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism) has stated, and I quote:

"It is selfish and rude for the gay community to push same-sex marriage legislation and redefine society's traditions and conventions for our own self-indulgence .... Federal and provincial laws are being changed and the traditional values are being compromised just to appease a tiny, self anointed clique."

In my opinion, same-sex marriage will put the human rights of the individual in a higher place than what is best for society, families and especially children. Human rights were meant to protect the individual and not groups. In this crucial debate, children's human rights have become secondary, ignored and denied.

Already this is happening under the banner of anti-bullying, safe schools' policies and through Gay-Straight Alliances. In reality, these policies provide a direct legal entranceway of indoctrination, desensitization, personal and political recruitment of our vulnerable children by some gay activists within our schools while silencing all students who oppose the gay agenda.

Dawn's book, “Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting.” is now available for book orders at Annotation Books or by calling: 1-877-421-READ (7323) Toll-Free or calling 1-360-802-9758 if outside of the U.S.

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Pearl said...

Thank you for this book review. It bears repeating so I've also drawn attention to it. I pray that the reality of the effects of homosexual parenting on children will become more widely publicized so as to encourage discouragement of the legalization of same-sex "marriage."

thepomegranateapple said...

I think the most telling part about her story is that she loves her dad. She loves him. But no one should have made her go through the pain and confusion. She didn't think she could tell her story until her parents had died. How many other children are suffering?

Secular Heretic said...

I agree with yo both. Although I haven't read the book I think it's an important story worth telling. Especially with the recent discussions we have had on other posts.

beetlebabee said...

Wow. My heart goes out to this woman.