Thursday, January 29, 2009

Religious schools in South Australia will retain the right to refuse employment to gay teachers.

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Religious schools will retain the right to refuse to employ gay teachers, but other institutions such as hospitals and welfare agencies will not have the same protection under a refining of proposed anti-discrimination laws.

Religious schools also will retain the right to prevent students who belong to a different religion from wearing the dress or adornments of that religion at school.

The new Bill, which replaces a controversial 2006 Bill, gives employers an option under which they can refuse to employ people wearing religious dress, such as burqas, by allowing them to set "reasonable" standards of workplace dress.

Proposed legislation to make the changes is set down for debate when Parliament resumes on Tuesday. It follows nearly three years of debate and intense negotiations between Labor and the Opposition.

Although religious schools will soon have the right to exclude students who wear dress or adornments of a different religion, I wonder how many will put that right into practice? The same goes with teachers who are gay. Personally I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as the teacher was seeking help to deal with the disorder or seeking a cure. It would be a serious problem if a gay teacher tried to actively convince themselves, staff and students that same sex attraction was just a variation from normal and that the disorder had equality with opposite sex attraction.


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