Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trish Thompson from The Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men’s Health Centre (VAC/GMHC) is running a group, “ReVisioning” to address abuse amongst gay men.

The group, called ReVisioning, formed in response to a growing awareness around same-sex partner abuse. Trish Thompson, Therapeutic Groups Coordinator and Counselor at VAC/GMHC, said men were regularly talking about issues around violence, aggression and anger in their relationships.

“We recognised there was an issue there,” Thompson said. “Often people think domestic violence doesn’t happen in the gay community, but it does, and people are now recognising it and putting a name to it.”

It is good that people involved in the gay lifestyle are starting to admit that there is a problem with same sex relationships. Researchers have known for a while now that homosexual men in intimate relationships have a disproportionate high rate of abuse between them. I suspect that the violence experienced by these men is a consequence of living a lifestyle which contradicts human nature. Instead of affirming their human nature they are degrading it through their actions, which results in anger, disorder and violence.


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