Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cry for Life present model fetuses to halt abortion

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The two inch long model represents a fetus at ten weeks of actual length and weight. At four weeks the heart of the unborn beats; the model shows that it is a child with hands, feet and a nose even able to bring it finger to its mouth.

The secular Dutch press picked up rumors that Cry for Life intended to distribute the model fetuses to all homes and condemned the plan as hurtful to women who had had abortions, miscarriages or were not able to conceive.

We are constantly told that it’s a "woman’s choice"; that it’s "just a blob of tissue"; that it’s "not a human being" until at least viable. So why should it hurt a woman to see this non-human, blob of tissue that it was her decision to get rid of?

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RD said...

Well let's hope they get distributed to all homes, that would be great!

Pearl said...

I love this story and am impressed with their ingenuity in making these tiny, life-sized models of fetuses. Bravo! Let's show people exactly who (not what) it is being killed.