Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exposure to Sex on TV May Increase the Chance of Teen Pregnancy

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RAND researchers examined the link between teen pregnancy and exposure to sexual content on TV. The study found that frequent exposure to TV sexual content was associated with a significantly greater likelihood of teen pregnancy in the following three years.

Teen pregnancy remains a serious problem in the United States. Although rates have declined since 1991 around the time abstinence education became popular, the United States still has the highest rate of teen pregnancy among industrialized nations. A majority of these pregnancies are unplanned.

The researchers suggested that
  • TV industry leaders should examine how programming can include messages to teens about the consequences of sexual activity.
  • Parents need to monitor their teens' TV viewing and provide education about the consequences of sex.
I guess shows like MTV are out then.

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thejournalistachronicle said...

This is interesting. Practically everything on TV these days has a sexual undertone if not a blatant display. I think it's horrible that so many school districts want to provide comprehensive sex education a and ignore the fact that teaching abstinence works.

RD said...

Yes, well this is no surprise to me.
Most of TV today is rotten, and like thejournalistachronicle said, 'practically everything on TV these days has a sexual undertone'...even advertisements.

EWTN is always safe:)

I think too, more parents complained about certain TV shows and ads years ago, and now, there are more lazier parents who don't complain or even keep an eye on what their children are watching.

4simpsons said...

The abstinence message is better, of course. And the whole "comprehensive sex ed" bit is a huge lie. It isn't comprehensive at all. It doesn't cover the evils of abortion and the trauma it causes. It doesn't address the emotional side and the chemical side (oxytocin) of premarital sex. It doesn't give the facts about birth control failures for kids. And so on.

Chris said...

You know what else increases teen pregnancy?


Don't leave it up to the schools.

Be a parent.

Talk to you kids in a straighforward way about sex.

Take your daughter to the doctor.

Give your son his first box of condoms.

If you don't, you only have yourselves to blame.

Secular Heretic said...

I think children need to be taught about the purpose and meaning of sexual intercourse by their parents. Chris is right in that we should not leave it up to the schools. It is important that children get the message through their parents.
Some parents are fine with allowing their children to take part in premarital sex, personally I think it is unwise. As you pointed out 4simpsons, there is the bonding thing that goes on with intercourse that has adverse effects with uncommitted or immature relationships.

Euripides said...

TV is such a marvelous tool that has been run by Hollywood values. Bit by bit TV has become a vast wasteland with very little to commend it.