Thursday, February 5, 2009

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith is still under pressure from Sarah Hanson-Young to direct AusAID to support abortion and contraception

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Abortion politician Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said US President Barack Obama's recent decision to direct some of its aid to support abortion and contraception meant Australia was now the only country which spent all of its aid for the purpose of eradicating poverty.

Senator Hanson-Young urged the Rudd Government to ''stand up for women's rights by immediately abolishing the family planning guidelines that prevent Australia AusAID money from being spent on contraception''. Abortion politicians like Hanson-Young don't seem to realise that these women don't need contraception they need fresh water, fresh food, housing and medical treatment.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the Government remained committed to its ambitious target of increasing aid to 0.5 per cent of gross national income by 2015. ''This remains our very strong commitment irrespective of international financial and economic difficulties,'' he said. Australia will provide $3.7 billion for overseas aid this financial year. The ratio of aid to GNI for 2008-09 is estimated at 0.32 per cent, an increase from 0.3 per cent the previous year.

Media reports quote Senator Sarah Hanson-Young saying Australia’s ban on AusAID money for abortion costs 34,000 mothers’ lives in the Pacific region each year. Trained midwives, blood supplies and clean birthing environments will save far more lives than abortion clinics in the third world could.

Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Managing Director Jim Wallace said “If abortion politicians really wanted to help the poor, there are more urgent priorities than exporting abortion.” Senate Estimates was told last year there has not been one request from a recipient country of AusAID to have our aid re-directed to abortion. “These countries want our help to save mothers’ lives through better maternal heath, not killing their babies. Mothers and babies can be saved through aid targeted at improving birthing facilities, not providing abortion clinics,” Mr Wallace said.


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ruby said...

great article, thanks secular. i think its really ridiculous that Obama thinks its a good idea to send aid money for foreign abortions. i mean...really? of all the problems...

hope australia stands strong.

Secular Heretic said...

Obama is wasting your money. This Hanson-Young women wants to do the same thing with my tax money.