Friday, February 13, 2009

New video: families defy “Education for Citizenship and Human Rights” which promotes homosexual indoctrination

Education for Citizenship and Human Rights, Homosexual,

Spanish families who are resisting their government's mandatory homosexual indoctrination program have made a video expressing their defiance.

"Freedom begins with defiance" the video begins. It then includes scenes of adults, teenagers, and children expressing their rejection of the classes, which are being given as a required civics course in the nation's schools, both public and private.

"We're not giving in" says one mother. "We're not going to enter the classes," say two teenagers. "We're going to continue fighting ... for our freedom and the freedom of all," say two groups of families.

The video has appeared in the wake of a recent decision by the Spanish Supreme Court, which has not been formally announced yet, but which purportedly confirms that the government may compel students to take the course, which is entitled "Education for Citizenship and Human Rights."

Although the course is billed as a type of civics instruction, it has been criticized for promoting secularist values strongly opposed to Christianity, including homosexual ideology.

The course seeks to lead children to make a "critical evaluation of the social and sexual division of labor and racist, xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic social prejudices" and instructs teachers to "revise the student's attitude towards homosexuality." It also inculcates students with moral relativism, basing ethical standards on the opinions of society rather than religious teaching or unchanging natural law.

Despite the national Supreme Court's decision, families and even whole provinces are continuing to defy the government's attempt to impose the program. The Madrid association, Parents in Action, has recently filed over 130 new objections to Education for Citizenship, which may also be tested in the courts. The province of Andalucia's Supreme Court of Justice has also recently ruled in favor of conscientious objectors, ignoring the national Supreme Court's decision.

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Nomad said...

Ya'know, it's funny how some people think the definition of freedom includes the ability to persecute others.

It takes a rather self centered view of modern society to belief that not being allowed to promote hatred against minorities counts as a loss of personal freedom.

You kind of have to not think of the people being persecuted as being people deserving of basic rights for that mindset to work.

Secular Heretic said...

I see freedom as having the strength to do what is right.

I think the article is about having a government force all people to take part in an education program who's message is not only controversial but also does not agree with human nature.

Nomad said...

Clearly it does agree with human nature if humans wish to do it.

It does not agree with YOUR nature.

Once again, you are taking an exceptionally narrow minded and self centered view. Because you do not agree with it, you define it as non human. In so doing you must be defining these other people as not being human either, or of deserving of the basic human rights.

As I've attempted to point out, this has been tried before. The same justifications were used for slavery, and then for black people living supposedly free but sub standard, marginalized lives. We have moved on from those days, but people like yourself continue to use the same arguments with only a different target.

Chairm said...

Nomad, you have an expansive mind and a view that is not centered on yourself, right?

So far you have asserted: If humans wish to do it, then, the wish agrees with human nature.

Is there any wish that is not in accord with human nature, by your reckoning?