Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sacked Brisbane Catholic priest Fr Peter Kennedy has again defied Archbishop John Bathersby by taking part in a mass at his former parish

Archbishop John Bathersby,  Fr Kennedy,  St Mary's,

For many years, the Catholic parish of St Mary's, has been notorious for its continued liturgical abuses and doctrinal errors. In 2004 Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane took action over an invalid baptismal formula - 'Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier' instead of 'Father, Son and Holy Spirit'. Earlier this year matters came to a head when a statue of Buddha was placed in front of the altar at St Mary's, prompting letters of complaint to the Archbishop and to the Vatican. It is also reported that he allows women to preach and homosexual couples can have their relationships blessed.

Fr Kennedy was supposed to leave the church earlier this week after receiving a letter from Archbishop Bathersby. "I have repeatedly asked for changes but you and your community have not budged an inch," he wrote. "... Time and time again St Mary's has chosen to go its own way."

Archbishop Bathersby advised Fr Kennedy that if he "wished to retire from active service, the archdiocese will assist as it does with other priests who retire". Bathersby has warned any parishioners loyal to Fr Kennedy that they will be excluded from the church if they followed the priest to any new venture. "Those who follow you should realise that they will not be in communion with the Roman Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Brisbane," Archbishop Bathersby wrote.

For Father Kennedy and his followers personal intellect and discernment have replaced acceptance that the Holy Spirit speaks through those who are legitimately ordained superiors. Church leadership is an office of service to God, who enlightens according to Scripture and divine revelation. It is impossible for the Church to offer any teaching, no matter how popular, that does not accord with that revelation. This is the mistake Fr Kennedy and his followers have made. They have gone their won way rather than followed in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and the church he established.

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