Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stem Cells improve circulation in Diabetes patients with Peripheral Artery Disease at Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital, India

In a study presented at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in New York last month, doctors treated 34 patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease with their own adult stem cells taken from their bone marrow. Most of them had circulation restored in their legs.

In these cases, the doctors are out of options and the next step is amputation. Adult Stem Cells give these patients one more option. They are making injections of the patient’s own stem cells using a simple syringe into the legs. It is putting the patient’s own stem cells into the area where they are needed and the Repair Stem Cells do what they are ”born to do” - repair damage and restore function.

There are two types of stem cells, “adult” and “embryonic”. Embryonic stem cells come from an embryo. The taking of these cells is fatal but taking adult stems does not cause the death of the person. Adult stem cells are found in many parts of the body, the most common of these "adult stem cells” are found in the blood. There are similar cells in the liver, in nervous systems, and all around the body.

Read more at Adult Stem Cell Research

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