Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sycloria Williams had an abortion in 2006: It is alleged that baby Shanice was born alive and then murdered by abortion clinic owner, Belkis Gonzalez

Sycloria Williams,  Abortion,  Belkis Gonzalez, Born Alive

Sycloria Williams decided to abort the child after experiencing abdominal pain and bleeding. She visited the Miramar Woman Center in Miramar, Fla., where she was referred to abortionist Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique. Dr. Renelique inserted laminaria sticks to dilate the cervix and prescribed additional medication to be taken that night in preparation for the procedure the next morning at a Hialeah clinic.

Williams arrived at the Hialeah clinic on the morning of July 20, 2006, feeling ill and in severe pain from the medication the night before. Dr. Renelique was not present at the clinic nor did anyone else at the clinic have any form of medical license.

Williams waited for hours in severe and increasing abdominal pain without medical staff available. She began to position herself as the chemically-induced labor progressed. The staff instructed her to “keep your legs together and sit down.”

Williams braced herself with the arms of the recliner chair she was sitting on. As she lifted herself, her water broke and she delivered a live baby girl onto the seat of the recliner. The baby writhed and gasped for air, still connected to Williams by the umbilical cord. Immobilized by shock, Williams watched Gonzalez run into the room, cut the umbilical cord with a pair of orange-handled shears, stuff the baby and afterbirth into a red biohazard bag and throw the bag into a garbage can.

After an anonymous tip police got a search warrant and found the decomposing baby in a cardboard box in a closet at the clinic. DNA linked the baby’s remains to Williams.

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RD said...

You think you hear it all, and then you read this!!!!

I am in complete and utter shock and disgrace.
That story bought me to can anyone do that?!

Oh how much Jesus must be mourning....continuously seeing this go on probably every day.

My jaw is still wide open.
It's like people have turned into monsters like on the sick movies people make.

Secular Heretic said...

It seems unbelievable doesn't it and yet it is gong to court in the US so there must be something in it. It brings us face to face with what abortion really is.

GrannyGrump said...

Something to keep in mind amidst all the outrage: Things like this are literally an everyday occurrence. The strange and shocking aspect is merely that it's being reported, talked about, and perhaps might even lead to prosecution.