Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This video demonstrates that Planned Parenthood ignores state laws and covers up the sexual abuse of young girls

Rose and her friend Jackie Stollar enter a Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic where Rose tells the nurse that Stollar, posing as a 15-year-old, is pregnant by her 27-year-old boyfriend.

The nurse disregards the age difference and goes as far as cautioning Stollar not to bring her “boyfriend” before the judicial hearing required in Arizona to waive parental consent for an abortion.

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Kurt Keyser said...

That's right - establish an institution to abort unborn children, have them treat the girls like they contracted some minor illness, minimize the severity of what's really going on, and then, above all else, ensure the whole incident is hush-hush regardless of what felonies may have been committed. Gotta love "Planned Parenthood" and the effective tool that it is. Why wouldn't other countries be interested in our brand of "planning" for parenthood?