Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Australian government will soon announce whether it will redirect some of its AusAID money for the purpose of funding foreign abortions

Sarah Hanson-Young, Abortion, AusAID

Controversial politician Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has been instrumental in pressuring the government into diverting funds from basic necessities such as fresh water and food, into abortion providing services. Hanson-Young does not seem to realise that these women in third world countries do not need abortion, they need fresh water, fresh food, housing and medical treatment.

If abortion politicians like Hanson-Young really wanted to help the poor, they would help to save mothers’ lives through better maternal heath, not killing their babies. Mothers and babies can be saved through aid targeted at improving birthing facilities, not providing abortion clinics. Senate Estimates was told last year there has not been one request from a recipient country of AusAID to have our aid re-directed to abortion.

I encourage everyone to contact their local politician and voice their concern over efforts by some politicians to take AusAID money and have it redirected to foreign abortion providers.

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Foreign Minister Stephen Smith is still under pressure from Sarah Hanson-Young to direct AusAID to support abortion and contraception

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