Thursday, March 12, 2009

Australia's shame: Radical politicians blow tax payer funds on overseas abortions

Australia was once the only country which spent all of its aid for the purpose of eradicating poverty. Bowing to pressure from radicals like Sarah Hanson-Young, Mal Washer and Claire Moore, the Foreign Minister Stephen Smith yesterday decided that aid money can be used for abortion services if terminations are allowed under local laws.

To complete Australia's shame, the Government says it also plans to provide an extra $15-million over four years for family planning and reproductive health services. (read, contraception and abortion)

Caritas Australia chief executive officer Jack de Groot has told The Catholic Leader he has written to Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith asking for a meeting to discuss how these changes would impact on the Catholic aid agency’s work overseas. We need to be sure that in remote areas where the church is often the only provider, can still go about that work with the Government's assistance where it is appropriate and not in contradiction of our well known policies and views on issues of upholding dignity and the protection of human life.

Catholic Health Australia’s chief executive officer Martin Laverty said the organisation took a “deep and informed interest in the issue as many staff in Australian Catholic hospitals were also involved at times in overseas aid work”.

“The CHA told the Australian Government before it commenced the review that international aid should be directed to the area of greatest need and practical response,” Mr Laverty said.

“This involved dealing with broad public health issues such as sanitation and a safe water supply.

“We don’t believe the provision of funds for abortion will contribute to the areas of greatest need in these countries.”


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Euripides said...

Wow. You must feel awfully proud, now that your country has stepped into the mire of overseas abortions. What a thrill that must be for you.