Saturday, March 28, 2009

Condoms as AIDS protection is just Russian Roulette...Pope Benedict XVI accused of distorting scientific evidence

Dr. Norman Hearst, AIDS, Pope Benedict XVI,

"Pope distorted HIV evidence". The Lancet has accused Pope Benedict XVI of distorting scientific evidence to promote Catholic doctrine following his remarks about condom use and HIV.
"The Guardian"

I find it really weak that "The Guardian" mentions that the "Pope is distorting the evidence", but does not provide us with this evidence in their article.

Pope Benedict XVI last week said that condoms are not the solution to the problem of AIDS in Africa and in fact, they create more problems. He praised fidelity and abstinence as the only true way to combat AIDS.

These comments by the pope support common sense and the research. Living a chaste life faithful to your partner is the best way to avoid catching AIDS. Living a promiscuous lifestyle relying on condoms to protect you from AIDS is just a game of Russian Roulette.

Dr. Norman Hearst of the University of California, presented statistics showing a marked correlation between increased condom sales in the African nations of Kenya, Botswana, and others, and a parallel increase in HIV rates by year.

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Euripides said...

These activists just don't get it. You simply can't say infidelity is ok and support that with free condoms and expect any other outcome than infidelity and the spread of disease. I agree with the Pope on this one.

Secular Heretic said...

The safe sex message comes from those who believe that people are unable to say no to sex.