Thursday, March 5, 2009

DNA opens an online shop in support of marriage, life and family

The Digital Network Army has opened up an online shop. The DNA is a volunteer organization, 100% of any money that comes in from these sales will be donated to the legal defense fund at We are not in this fight for the money, but what a great resource and outlet for spreading the word about marriage, life and family.

You can also join DNA and be part of the battle and stand up for marriage, family and moral values. Join the Digital Network Army (DNA) and work with us to spread information about crucial issues such as Proposition 8 in California, President-elect Obama's pledge to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and the battle brewing in New York to recognize Same Sex Marriage.

Traditional family and moral values are under attack from every side. Many activist groups are working constantly to undermine the beliefs that literally billions of people worldwide.

Using new tools such as Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and social networking sites like My Space and Facebook, information about the battle for Family Values travels at the speed of light and can become viral if enough people act together.

Join our email list and receive updates on the latest issues, along with instructions on what you can do to make your voice heard.

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