Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lesbian kiss cut from "Home and Away" after 100,000 viewers complain

Australian viewers of "Home and Away" have courageously fought the seven network and won after 100,000 viewers turned off their TV's and complaints have flooded in since the lesbian story-line began two weeks ago.

Producers were forced to cut some of the more intimate close-up images of policewoman Charlie Buckton and deckhand Joey Collins sharing a passionate kiss after dancing together on a boat.

Many concerned viewers contacted the network to say they did not want their children exposed to same-sex relationships in a family show. Home and Away is screened at 7pm and is rated PG.

Defenders of the controversial kiss say that....

"It's sad that in 2009 a kiss is considered more threatening to advertisers and family values than stalkers, serial killers and kidnappers, all of which sustain Summer Bay story-lines on a regular basis."

The difference being that stalkers, serial killers and kidnappers are presented as bad in the storyline while a gay kiss is being presented as something good and normal.


Aussie Therese said...

It is so good that so many people boycotted this.

I suppose so many turning off the television means that Home and Away gets less ratings and without the ratings, they will not be on television.

Secular Heretic said...

Most people don't want their children seeing this type of stuff on television. It is good that so many people stood up to the network and turned off their televisions.