Saturday, March 14, 2009

Negative impact of "homosexual marriage"

I saw this video over at Kingfisher Column.

Marriage usually involves sexual intimacy. If you can get the state to permit same sex marriage then the state is also permitting homosexual activity. If the state says that homosexual activity and same sex marriage is a right then anyone who declares homosexual acts as wrong can be accused of taking away the rights of another citizen. The person who declares homosexuality as wrong becomes a law breaker because they are trying to take away the rights of another group.

In the UK, parents could face criminal charges for having removed their children from programs held at George Tomlinson Primary School promoting the homosexual lifestyle. Waltham Forest council has announced it will prosecute parents of about 30 children who did not attend a week's worth of lessons coinciding with "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month."

I don't know if same sex marraige is legal or not in the UK, but you can see the type of discrimination people are up against when they refuse to accept the "homosexual lifestyle" as a good within society.

Read more about it over at Kingfisher Column


Kingfisher said...

The UK has "civil partnerships" which carry all the same rights as a marriage. They just call it by a different name.

Adrienne said...


Secular Heretic said...

Homeschool is certainly one way around it for individual families. Meanwhile the rest of the nation gets indoctrinated.

Anonymous said...

The early Church began in the pagan Roman Empire. Catholicswill have to communicate and constantly reinforce Catholic teaching and values for our young people.

New Timon said...

this isn't the implication of same-sex marriage, but of mandatory education

Chairm said...

SH, marriage is a public relationship that is a sexual type of relationship.

I am referring to typology, not to the particular marriage f this or that particular person.

What makes marriage a sexual relationship, in our customs, traditions, and in our laws?

The marital presumption of paternity which unites fatherhood and motherhood and which is based on the opposite-sexed nature of human procreation.

No man is presumed to have been impregnated by another man.

No woman is presumed to have impregnated another woman.

This is so regardless of sexual orientation.

The difference is not homo- versus hetero-sexuality. Truly it is not.

The difference is sex differentiation.

If not for this differentiation, the gay activists could not possibly claim that same-sex sexual attraction (or gay identity) is central to their cause.

So they must acknowledge that what is of such significance to them is not merely a social fiction. It is a fact that they themselves put front and center.

Your overall point is right on target.

The SSM campaign places all its bets on gay identity politics.

Whereas society has vigorously enforced the normative presumption of paternity -- with its both-sexed sexual basis -- the SSMers will use Government to perniciously enforce identity politics that makes gayness the new norm.

Think of it this way: all unions of husband and wife will be treated as if they lacked one or the other.

Think of it this way: all sexual relationships between man and woman will be treated as gay relationships.

The lack of differentiation based on gayness will be a fiction of the most highly abstract kind.

And this will suppress the obvious fact of sex differentation -- which even the gay advocates cannot deny and even insist is of paramount mportance to their "human dignity".

And, when all is told, these things must suppress the human dignity, confirmed by empircal evidence and by first principles, that the social institution of marriage is the ost pro-child institution we have and it protects (and government recognition is designed to secure) the liberty to attempt to procreate, as husband and wife, and the birthright of the child to be included in the family of the mother and father who created that child, barring dire circumstances or tragedy.

Denial of these things, from the child's perspective, is to deny the great significance of sex differentation -- the very thing that is supposedly the trump card of gay advocates even as they denounce it as central to marriage.

The twisted thinking of SSMers will confound future genrations, if this is instituted in the Law, because the Law will lead the culture's emphasis on sexual relationships and on the most foundational of such types of relationship, marriage.

Of course public education will directly reflect all of that confusion. It has been doing so against the will of the People. And so indoctrination has replaced education.

It is not unexpected that the authority of parents, as the people directly responsible for the education and well-being of their children, have become sidelined in all of this nonsense.

The just way is for Government to acknowledge, to defer, to show restraint based on the princple that parents merely delegate to lawful authorities, when it comes to public education of children.

Government enjoys only a sublsidiary authority -- one delegated by parents -- not the other way around.

But the SSM campaign is fully in accord with destroying that and subverting society. For what purpose? To innoculate the kind of identity politics that is gaycentric. And more -- to make that form of identity politics supreme to the liberty of all citizens.

Societies that have submitted to identity politics as the trump card against all dissent have done real harms to families, children, and to the liberties that enable a culture to flourish.

Secular Heretic said...

Thanks Chairm

I had never thought of these points before.

Think of it this way: all unions of husband and wife will be treated as if they lacked one or the other.

Think of it this way: all sexual relationships between man and woman will be treated as gay relationships.

This is exactly what marriage is not.