Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Christian teacher has been suspended after he complained about the use of training time to promote the idea that homosexuality is normative

Kwabena Peat, 54, was one of several teachers that walked out of his school's compulsory training day in January, at which Sue Sanders, a prominent UK homosexualist activist, suggested that those who do not accept homosexuality as normal have 'issues' that need to be addressed.

During the presentation Sanders started promoting homosexual lifestyles and suggested that those who had objections should sort out their prejudices.

Mr. Peat wrote to the three staff members who organized the session at Park View Academy complaining about Sanders' "aggressive" presentation. Peat was suspended with pay pending outcome of disciplinary investigations after the staff members complained that, although they were senior to him, they felt "harassed and intimidated" by his complaint.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, barrister and director of the Christian Legal Centre said that the "legitimate orthodox Christian view as expressed by Mr. Peat, however disagreeable others may find it, should not be construed as harassment or discrimination."

The "Christian Legal Centre" is right. Disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle is not a form of harassment, just as disagreeing with child molestation is not a form of harassment but simply a judgment about a particular behaviour.

Sue Sanders is doing the homosexual community a great disservice by telling people that homosexuality is normative. Same sex attraction is a disorder that needs to be treated. Sufferers either need to be cured of it or at least given strategies to live a chaste lifestyle.

Homosexual acts are a different matter. The purpose of sexual intercourse is to reproduce the human race, it is part of our nature. Every sexual act needs to be open to the possibility of new life in order to correspond with its purpose. Homosexual sex will never produce new life due to the very nature of the act therefore will not fulfill the purpose of sex.

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