Sunday, April 5, 2009

East Timor, moving towards an abortion free nation: unborn children's rights upheld

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The East Timor government has upheld unborn children's right to life by dropping an article from the draft penal code that would have decriminalised abortion for victims of sexual violence or incest.

Initially the draft penal code decriminalised abortion for women if the pregnancy would put their mental or physical health at risk, or if they were victims of sexual violence or incest. Thanks to the hard work and dedication from pro life groups, unborn children are now safe from death through abortion.

Meanwhile "Midwives East Timor Australia" continues to support non-government organisations to help reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality rate in East Timor. It is claimed that only 10% of pregnant women in East Timor give birth with the assistance of a qualified midwife. There is hardly enough health care workers to help with births let alone directing these resources into abortion.


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Dr Suzanne Belton of Charles Darwin University claims that 40% of all obstetric care in East Timor was treating complications from pregnancy loss


Aussie Therese said...

Allowing abortion in the case of rape is allowing the child to be punished for the crimes of their father. Never would anyone suggest a child should be punished because their father did the wrong thing.

Jason said...

This is encouraging news.

I agree with you Therese. Isn't it strange that people are willing to advocate for the execution of a victim of a crime in one case (abortion after rape) but decry it in other cases (stoning to death of women for "adultery" after being raped in some Islamic countries).

There doesn't seem to be any real difference between the two cases, you are killing a victim of crime rather than properly punishing the perpetrator.

Nina said...

I cant believe this. So a 13 year old girl that was raped by her father now has to endure nine months and give birth... and then what? Raise the child, or hope for some Angelina Jolie to come adopt him or her? What kind of phsycological trauma are inflicting on these poor women!!!!!

Secular Heretic said...

It's a bit of a challenge for the rape victim which ever way you go. Violation of her body through a rape and then further violation through an abortion or violation of her body through rape and then enduring a pregnancy.