Monday, April 13, 2009

Julio Severo a Christian pro-family activists is being sought by police because he said that homosexual behavior is immoral

Julio Severo, one of Brazil's most prominent pro-life and pro-family activists, has fled Brazil to escape police who sought him following a complaint of "homophobia" filed against him for his unfavorable coverage of the nation's Gay Parade.

Severo states on his blog that federal prosecutors were seeking to obtain his address from his internet service provider, who hired an attorney to defend its claim that it was not obligated to turn over the information. However, their arguments were rejected.

Although Brazil has no "homophobia" law on the books, its courts have repeatedly convicted individuals and groups of the phantom crime, even going so far as to prohibit an entire pro-family campaign by the Evangelical Protestant group VINACC

The article for which Severo was being sought observes that homosexual behavior is immoral, and urges those who are involved in the sin to convert to Christianity. It also notes the link between many homosexualist organizations and pedophilia, and notes that while Brazil's annual homosexual parades receive heavy media coverage, its large "March for Jesus" is hardly mentioned.

Read more at Julio Severo's blog lastdayswatchman

This is the problem with allowing same sex "marriage" and promoting so called "sexual orientation" laws and then placing it under the made up word of "homophobia". People who claim that homosexual activity is sinful get penalised for it.

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