Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marie Stopes International admits that contraception fails with more than half of Australian women

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More than half of Australian women who unexpectedly get pregnant are either on the pill or using condoms at the time, a survey has found.

The report into unplanned pregnancy by sexual health organisation Marie Stopes International shows that 43 per cent of women were on the oral contraceptive pill when it occurred. A further 22 per cent were using a condom and 21 per cent of the women using contraception were on more than one method.

Marie Stopes International acting chief executive Jill Michelson said the figures were proof of the need to increase the range of contraceptive options in Australia, invest in research to improve contraceptive efficacy and implement a dedicated contraceptive user education campaign.

Why flog a dead horse? Contraception works but not very well. Meanwhile, the Natural Family Planning method for avoiding conception boasts around a 99% effective rate. Source. Source

Cait Calcutt, coordinator of Queensland-based unplanned pregnancy counselling service, said the research showed women were not using abortion as a form of contraception, as many people believed.

How does she come to this conclusion? The article is about how ineffective contraception is at avoiding pregnancy. When contraception fails, abortion is the next option for those who refuse to give birth to their child.



syinly said...

Is the abortion rate up because of this?

Secular Heretic said...

There are probably lots of reasons why many abortions occur. I think essentially people have separated sexual intercourse from having children.

For an abortion to happen there must be a baby. If there is a baby there must be intercourse. More intercourse makes more babies.

Anonymous said...

Although the natural family planning method may work for females who have perfectly regular periods, it does not work for females who do not have perfectly regular periods. You probably don't talk to females about their periods very often, but there are a lot of females who have slight-extreme irregularities in their cycles.