Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nation for marriage: great little video about "gay marriage"

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gregjaye said...

An outstanding video.

Like the 'legalization" of the unethical, immoral, and atrocious practice of abortion, two more states, Iowa and Vermont, made the unconscionable decision to ‘legalize’ the misnomer, same-sex ‘marriage.’ In one case it was the legislature that overruled the Governors veto, in the other it was another activist judicial renegade who declared wrong to be right.

One of the biggest supporters of this abhorrence are the current President and the Democratic leaders in the 111th Congress and many black robed tyrants. They must be stopped. This education of the general public is a good step . . .

Secular Heretic said...

I agree. We need to be talking about the issues publicly and refuse to be labeled "homophobic" just because we disagree.