Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wandsworth Council tells employee Duke Amachree "stop talking about God"

An officer with Wandsworth Council has been suspended from work for nearly two months for encouraging a homeless woman with an incurable medical condition to look to God for help, after doctors told her they’d given up hope.

Duke Amachree, aged 53 who has worked for the local authority for almost 18 years was suspended on 28 January 2009 for discussing his faith with a client, and was told in an investigatory interview on 17 March that he should not raise the issue of religion at work. Not only was Mr Amachree told it was inappropriate to ‘ever talk about God’, he was also told that he may not even say ‘God bless’.

Secular authorities at their worst! Since when was religion a banned topic?

Read more at Christian Legal Centre


Euripides said...

Wow. That's a little harsh and scary. To think that the one object of true hope in the world is denied and disallowed to even be talked about. This is a scary time we live in.

Secular Heretic said...

I agree Euripides. I think Europe is possible one step closer to Christian discrimination than other places around the world.