Thursday, April 2, 2009

Youth 4 Life Australia holds peaceful demonstrations against crimes of abortion

The Pro life movement is gaining momentum in Australia with peaceful demonstrations taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and several regional towns.

The latest protests were held outside an abortion clinic in Berkeley Street Carlton and in public places across the CBD today. About a dozen demonstrators staged a "die-in" at Federation Square this morning, lying down in the foetal position and shrouding themselves in red fabric to represent aborted babies. They also displayed graphic posters of aborted foetuses and gave away flyers to passers-by.

While the protest was peaceful, several bystanders expressed their disgust. One man stubbed out his cigarette on a protester, while another man confronted them. "They shouldn't really be allowed to display such disgusting images," he said. The images only exist because the crime of abortion exists.

On Tuesday, angry Bendigo residents clashed with pro life supporters in an attempt to seize graphic images displayed by the group. Members of "Youth for Life" scuffled with offended locals as they tried to grab posters from demonstrators.

Youth 4 Life founder Prue Neiberding said it was just the start of things to come.

"We were making a stand of solidarity for the babies of the country sceheduled to die today. While we were standing at that door no children could be killed or women exploited.

She said the protest was part of a state-wide "Revelation'' tour which was successfully generating awareness and increasing the groups 300-plus membership.

Ms Neiberding said the controversial bill passed through State parliament last year, denied doctors the freedom not to participate in abortion and exploited women.

"We are not going away,'' Ms Neiberding said. "We have answered a call to protect one third of our generation. "My message to women is to rethink their scheduled abortion and rethink what it would mean to them emotionally.

Late last year "Youth for Life" held a funeral protest. Watch the video.

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