Sunday, May 17, 2009

Abortion and IVF, a contradiction in human life

Childless couples undergoing IVF have been left devastated after an incubator failed at a Deakin clinic this week, destroying at least five embryos.

The Sydney IVF clinic in Canberra told couples that embryos had died after an apparent malfunction.

One patient wrote that she was gutted by the loss of nearly all her embryos and spent several hours in tears after hearing the news.


If human embryos are just clumps of tissue as abortion supporters claim, then why are parents getting upset about the loss of their embryos? Aren't they just clumps of tissue?

If human embryos are really human and alive, then why does society allow the slaughter of these children to occur?


Aussie Therese said...

There only human when they are wanted.

Anonymous said...

it's pretty obvious, if you are desperate for a baby, then the clump of tissue is a potential baby, if you're not interested in having a baby, then the fetus is just a clump of tissue, it all depends on one's perspective doesn't it

the need for a father? said...

there are problems that the fertility industry unsurprisingly doesn't want the public to know about, so please see the first paragraph of >

RD said...

Spot on Aussie Therese.

Euripides said...

Isn't this about the right to choose? We can choose to see embryos as children or we can choose to see embryos as an inconvenient truth. I'll take the side without the blinders to err on the side of life and humanity.