Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bishop Richard Malone has condemned the recent same sex marriage laws highlighting the negative consequences of such arrangements

"Same-sex marriage is a dangerous sociological experiment that I believe will have negative consequences for society as a whole," said Bishop Richard Malone.

"Children will be taught in schools that same-sex marriage and traditional marriage are simply different expressions of the same thing, and that the logical and consistent understanding that marriage and reproduction are intrinsically linked is no longer valid," he continued. "These are profound changes that will reverberate throughout society with tragic consequences."

Soon after Maine Gov. John Baldacci approved the state's same-sex "marriage" legislation May 6, the Portland diocese condemned the law and announced that it would support a voter's referendum to overturn it.

The California-based Empowering Spirits Foundation, a homosexualist group, is seeking to strip the Catholic Diocese of Portland of its tax-exempt status, after the diocese announced it would gather support for a voter's referendum on the new same-sex "marriage" law.

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