Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI...It takes courage to adhere to the faith of the Church

Closing the Year of St. Paul yesterday evening, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the writings of St Paul.

"Speaking against the Magisterium of the Church is presented as courageous. In reality, however, it does not take courage for this, since you can always be sure of audience applause."

"Rather it takes courage to adhere to the faith of the Church, even if it contradicts the 'scheme' of the contemporary world. It is this non-conformism of the faith that Paul calls an 'adult faith."

Two examples of an 'adult faith' were given. First, "to commit to the inviolability of human life from the very beginning, thus radically opposing the principle of violence, in defense of the most defenseless humans." And second, "to recognize marriage between a man and a woman for life as a law of the Creator, restored again by Christ."

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The new "human rights" legislation leaves Australia open to the manipulations of highly organised special interest groups.

Australian life and family advocate "The Endeavour Forum" is concerned with plans by "the Australian Human Rights Commission" (AHRC) to institute new "human rights" legislation modelled on that of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Endeavour Forum warns that since the (AHRC) has "consistently failed" to protect the Christian values of the majority of Australians, "its probable recommendations will diminish, not enhance, our freedom leaving the country open to the manipulations of highly organised special interest groups.

Even as it stands, without a charter of human rights, anyone who "makes factually correct statements that sodomy spreads disease, the children thrive best when raised with a mother and a father" or that homosexuals may change their "orientation," is "labelled homophobic and punished accordingly."

"The homosexual agenda is not merely about removing 'discrimination' against homosexuals but about promoting the lifestyle to young children, about forcing individuals and organisations to accept that there is no intrinsic difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality, and about demanding homosexual 'marriage'."

Charles Francis, former MP of the Victorian State Parliament said that such a document would in fact present two distinct dangers to the democratic structure of Australia. It would muddy distinctions between the legislative powers and the judiciary, and leave the country open to abuses by politicized courts working at the behest of special interest lobbyists as has happened in Canada. The Canadian courts, he said, have found within its provisions "'legal' grounds to invalidate all laws against the killing of babies in utero ... and to re-write the marriage laws to include same-sex relationships."

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fatherhood begins at conception... and so does life

If fatherhood begins at conception, then so must life begin at conception. An abortion is simply the murder of an unborn child.

Thanks to "A Shepherds Voice"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Australian politician Sarah Hanson-Young has put forward a private members Bill which would allow same sex couples to marry

The Bill "Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009" seeks to dismantle the Marriage Act by destroying the core meaning of marriage. Currently marriage is between one man and one woman with the both sexed nature of marriage providing stability for the raising of children.

Supporters of the bill claim that same sex marriage is a rights issue when in fact it is an issue about the meaning of marriage. The charge is made that same sex couples are being discriminated against. This of course is not true because anyone is able to get married regardless of their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the legality of marriage. People who have a same sex attraction are allowed to marry in Australia. They just need to marry a person of the opposite sex.

Society could be coerced into treating people in homosexual unions as if they were married but this would not give them the reality of marriage. It would not change the nature of their union to correspond to what marriage actually is. All society would be doing is playing a word game, stretching the term marriage so that it no longer picks out a particular human reality.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If prohibiting same-sex marriage is discriminatory, then disallowing any other marital grouping will also be deemed discriminatory

If society permits same-sex marriage, it also will have to allow other types of marriage. The legal logic is simple: If prohibiting same-sex marriage is discriminatory, then disallowing polygamous marriage, polyamorous marriage, or any other marital grouping will also be deemed discriminatory. The emotional and psychological ramifications of these assorted arrangements on the developing psyches and sexuality of children would be disastrous. And what happens to the children of these alternative marriages if the union dissolves and each parent then “remarries”? Those children could end up with four fathers, or two fathers and four mothers, or, you fill in the blank.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teenage abortion in Western Australia is out of control

The Sunday Times has revealed the extent of teenage abortion in the state.

25 girls aged 14 or under had abortions in 2007.

In the past three years, about 100 girls aged 14 or under had abortions.

Abortion Grief Australia national director Julie Cook called for WA schools to focus more on the effects of abortion. Ms Cook said women who had an abortion were 3.6 times more likely to abuse hard drugs and twice as likely to be binge drinkers.

"Abortion can wreck young lives. If there was more education about the trauma of abortion in WA schools, I think there would be a lot more care-taking.''

"Girls who had an abortion often subconsciously have replacement pregnancies. They are subconsciously trying to bring a pregnancy
to full-term or they are suffering trauma reenactment.''


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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post abortion trauma

Soon afterwards I began to withdraw from those who loved me, especially from my family since they had supported and encouraged me to have the abortion. There was a part of me that didn’t want to be loved, especially by those who had known me before. I was filled with guilt and sorrow. I felt empty, and I lived under a constant feeling of dread. Newborn infants caught my eye and filled me with longing, but I was afraid to touch them. Whenever a friend would offer to let me hold her baby, I would always refuse. I was too afraid of my own destructiveness. I was terrified that I might somehow hurt another child…

This testimony was originally published in 1987 in the book "Aborted Women, Silent No More".

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Same sex couples wanting access to IVF and donor sperm may not be fit to be parents

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill, passed in Victoria last December, gave lesbian and single women access to donor sperm and additional IVF services, but it also made it compulsory for all women and their partners, and any man donating sperm, to have police and child protection record searches.

Shadow health spokeswoman Helen Shardey claims the Government has failed to develop an IT program to run the police checks.

New research suggests that same sex couples may never be fit enough to raise children.

Dr Trayce Hansen, a US psychologist, analysed nine pro-homosexual studies of same-sex parenting. She found that, although the researchers said there was ‘no difference’, in reality they actually show that children raised by homosexual couples are 4 to 7 times more likely to be homosexual.

She found the researchers did not include their findings about this increased likelihood in their ‘summaries’ and in some cases did not even refer to the results in the main body of their findings.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Children do best when raised by a married mother and father

Children do best when raised by a married mother and father. It’s within this environment that children are most likely to be exposed to the emotional and psychological experiences they need in order to thrive.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

"The Wonder of Life" education program has been banned from NSW schools because the creator supports a child's right to life

The Wonder of Life (Before Birth) was approved by the NSW Department of Education and Training in March to be taught in years 5 and 6 as part of the personal development, health and physical education curriculum.

The department has now banned the group from visiting schools and announced a review because the program's creator, Bruce Coleman, is supportive of pro life groups in Australia and in the US. Mr Coleman is a former executive director of the pro life group, NSW Right to Life.

In an interview with the Herald, Mr Coleman said when abortion is raised, he responds by explaining to them the value of life.

"I just state clearly that abortion is the taking of an unborn life".

Mr Coleman's company, The Choices of Life Incorporated, is the Australian distributor of pro life merchandise marketed by the US company Heritage House, some of which, such as a range of life-sized foetal dolls, is used in the program for NSW schools.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What abortion can do for you!

Before that needle had entered my abdomen I had liked myself. Though I may have had my share of problems, I had seen myself as basically a good person. I wasn’t into any wild scenes. I was a good housewife and a loving mother. I was happy to be me. But when that needle entered my womb, when it pulled out the nurturing fluid of motherhood and replaced it with that venom of death, when the child I had abandoned suddenly began its struggle within me, I hated myself. It was that fast.

Every bit of self-esteem, every value I held dear, every hope of which I had ever dreamed–all were stripped away by the poison of that one vain act. Every memory of joy was now tainted by the stench of death. That moment of desperation which had led me to this “healer’s table” had now positioned itself as ruler of my life. I had abandoned myself to despair and despair was my future. There was no way to stop it. There was no way to put everything back the way it had been. I no longer had any control, any choice. I was powerless. I was weak. I was a murderer.

This testimony was originally published in 1987 in the book "Aborted Women, Silent No More".

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

New York Catholic Bishops remind the people that same sex “marriage” would radically change the timeless institution of marriage.

The Catholic Bishops of New York have issued a letter urging the state senate to reject a bill, that would legalize same-sex “marriage.” The measure is “ill-advised” and “would radically change the timeless institution of marriage,” the bishops’ letter said.

“Throughout history, different cultures have had different customs regarding marriage. But the one constant has been the conviction that marriage is the union of a man and a woman in an enduring bond, ordered for the procreation and stable rearing of children.

Nature and our common heritage, and not simply Catholic teaching, defines the meaning of marriage.

The state has a compelling legal interest in promoting marriage between men and women in order to create stable families and provide for the safety, health and well-being of children.

The state has no such compelling legal interest in recognizing a relationship between two people of the same sex,” the bishops said.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

What is the Prevention First Act ?

Taxpayer funded contraception with the exclusion of abstinence only sex eduction programs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thousands celebrate in California, marriage is between one man and one woman

Thousands celebrate as last week's state Supreme Court ruling upheld Proposition 8 which defined marriage in the state of California as between one man and one woman. About 3,000 marriage supporters rallied in front of Fresno City Hall on Sunday evening in support of marriage.

The Rev. Jim Franklin, pastor of Cornerstone Church said

"It's not Prop. 8 anymore, It's now an official part of our constitution. It upholds the people's right to govern themselves and it defines marriage in the state of California as between one man and one woman."


Monday, June 1, 2009

Australian scientists from the University of New South Wales have used adult stem cells to improve the sight of people with cornea damage

The researchers used limbal stem cells which are found within the eye. They removed small samples of stem cells from the eyes of the three patients - two men and a woman - and grew them on contact lenses. The patients then wore the lenses for 10 days. During that period, the stem cells moved off the lenses and onto the damaged corneas.

The cells can be taken from any healthy part of the eye and, because they are from the patient's own body, the transplant will not be rejected.

Loane Skene, professor of law at the University of Melbourne and former Deputy Chair of the Lockhart Committee on human cloning and embryo research, said that the use of a patient's own stem cells is no more ethically contentious than a skin transplant.


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