Thursday, June 25, 2009

Australian politician Sarah Hanson-Young has put forward a private members Bill which would allow same sex couples to marry

The Bill "Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009" seeks to dismantle the Marriage Act by destroying the core meaning of marriage. Currently marriage is between one man and one woman with the both sexed nature of marriage providing stability for the raising of children.

Supporters of the bill claim that same sex marriage is a rights issue when in fact it is an issue about the meaning of marriage. The charge is made that same sex couples are being discriminated against. This of course is not true because anyone is able to get married regardless of their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the legality of marriage. People who have a same sex attraction are allowed to marry in Australia. They just need to marry a person of the opposite sex.

Society could be coerced into treating people in homosexual unions as if they were married but this would not give them the reality of marriage. It would not change the nature of their union to correspond to what marriage actually is. All society would be doing is playing a word game, stretching the term marriage so that it no longer picks out a particular human reality.

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Aussie Therese said...

Why does Ms Hanson call this an Equity amendment? This is not an equity issue.