Thursday, June 18, 2009

Same sex couples wanting access to IVF and donor sperm may not be fit to be parents

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill, passed in Victoria last December, gave lesbian and single women access to donor sperm and additional IVF services, but it also made it compulsory for all women and their partners, and any man donating sperm, to have police and child protection record searches.

Shadow health spokeswoman Helen Shardey claims the Government has failed to develop an IT program to run the police checks.

New research suggests that same sex couples may never be fit enough to raise children.

Dr Trayce Hansen, a US psychologist, analysed nine pro-homosexual studies of same-sex parenting. She found that, although the researchers said there was ‘no difference’, in reality they actually show that children raised by homosexual couples are 4 to 7 times more likely to be homosexual.

She found the researchers did not include their findings about this increased likelihood in their ‘summaries’ and in some cases did not even refer to the results in the main body of their findings.


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The Pomegranate Apple said...

Thank you for posting this information!

Jamie said...

4-7 times more likely to be "homosexual"?

In what sense?

I'm gay-leaning bi... raised by two very straight parents. We KNOW that there are quite a few gays who come from "straight" families (seeing as, you know, all families previously were "straight" yet there are, at minimum thousands and thousands of gays). We also know that a lot of gays remain in the closet for years and years... primarily because of social pressure. In fact, the number of gays who "turn straight" (because of belonging to Christian groups that believe it's completely non-biological and 100% "fixable") arguably also do so because of social pressure. On top of which, what does this psychologist consider to be "homosexual" - does she include bisexuals in this, or only those that engage in solely homosexual behavior/thoughts? And does she take into account the genders of these children - sons raised by lesbians vs. daughters raised by lesbians ,etc.?

So my question is this: OBJECTIVELY more of these kids end up gay?

Or simply more of them APPEAR TO, because they happen to have grown up more tolerant of homosexual behavior and relationships due to being raised by a same-sex couple, thus feeling less social pressure to "stay in the closet"?

I would advise anyone interested in this subject to check out the issue of Scientific American Mind currently (as I write this) on the stands in the US. Amongst the issues covered? The mounting evidence suggests that bisexuality - which, obviously, includes the possibility of homosexual attractions/behavior - is actually the majority default for many if not most bird and mammal species... including primates, which includes hominids, which includes humans. They even have an article on the hugely common behavior of homosexual pleasuring betwixt bonobos (which happen to be a species of hominid), often used to resolve disputes.

Taking ALL of that into consideration, I again ask you: are they really, truly, genuinely "more likely to be" gay - or are they simply more likely to express an existing gay/bisexual orientation that they otherwise might not?

Furthermore, you say "they might not still be fit to be parents" - because clearly, raising a person to be straight is the only mark of "a good parent"? WHAT? That makes very little sense. I'd like to point out that in fact, children raised by same-sex couples have been shown to end up "more tolerant"... tolerant people tend to get along better with others, Partly because they both avoid and offend others less often than intolerant people do. Seeing as this would ostensibly make them more pro-social... how is that "bad parent" material, again? Considering that, even if the metastudy (or whatever you might call it) you describe is accurate in the sense of pinpointing that children raised by gays are more likely to... express homosexual desires or behaviors, that would still be exactly the ONLY difference any study has found.

So... they're more likely to act gay, or "end up" gay... and you consider this "not fit to parent?"

I would say you have a very limited and potentially skewed view of what makes for a "fit parent" if that is the case. Is there not more to a "fit parent" than how "straight" their kids end up? I would think that even the most fiercely fundamentalist, vehemently anti-gay groups would agree with that much.

Also: wait, you mean gay people who want IVF have to have a "criminal record background check", yet straight people don't??

Um, wow. That's the stupidest double-standard I've ever heard. Exactly what makes anyone think that the majority of people, period, are "fit to be parents"? If you're going to apply it to one group, apply to 'em all, damnit. Being straight doesn't inherently mean you're going to be a "fit parent" either.