Sunday, June 14, 2009

"The Wonder of Life" education program has been banned from NSW schools because the creator supports a child's right to life

The Wonder of Life (Before Birth) was approved by the NSW Department of Education and Training in March to be taught in years 5 and 6 as part of the personal development, health and physical education curriculum.

The department has now banned the group from visiting schools and announced a review because the program's creator, Bruce Coleman, is supportive of pro life groups in Australia and in the US. Mr Coleman is a former executive director of the pro life group, NSW Right to Life.

In an interview with the Herald, Mr Coleman said when abortion is raised, he responds by explaining to them the value of life.

"I just state clearly that abortion is the taking of an unborn life".

Mr Coleman's company, The Choices of Life Incorporated, is the Australian distributor of pro life merchandise marketed by the US company Heritage House, some of which, such as a range of life-sized foetal dolls, is used in the program for NSW schools.


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4simpsons said...

How ironic that a class about the "The Wonder of Life (Before Birth)" couldn't use materials created by a pro-lifer!