Thursday, July 30, 2009

Same sex "marriage" is a burden on society

When "disparities" are noticed between both-sex couples and same-sex couples, courts may order government programs to correct those disparities. For example, if a study shows that depression is more common in same-sex couples than bride+groom couples, taxpayers may be obligated to pay for treatment programs targeted towards same-sex couples in an effort to correct this disparity. Any evidence that these disparities are a result of the relationships being inherently different will be rejected.

Same-sex couples may be granted the "right" to taxpayer funding for reproductive technology and programs, including fertility treatments and surrogate mothers, to correct the "inequality" with both-sexes couples who are able to conceive children at no cost.

It will be the official government position that homosexual sodomy is equivalent to coitus and that men and women are not only equal but interchangeable.


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