Thursday, August 13, 2009

Children for sale

RECENT ads targeting women college students in America have offered them free holidays in India in exchange for parting with their eggs during their visit, with Indian women teamed to become paid surrogates and return the product – the student’s child – to those who commissioned it.

There is a general judgement that the sale of human eggs, sperm or embryos is contrary to human dignity. Whatever the child-friendly goals of the practice, it evokes distant echoes of the sale of human beings in slavery.

One of the wrongs involved in the historic slave-trade, apart from the condition of slavery itself, was that tens of millions of inhabitants of West and Central Africa were taken to the Americas, and so deprived of their genetic and cultural inheritance. The “Stolen Generation” of aboriginal children in Australia who were placed with European families, is another example of people being deprived of their genetic and cultural inheritance.

Owning and selling slaves is considered offensive – should selling babies be OK?

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