Monday, August 31, 2009

Marriage encourages unified parenting

By nature, every child has a mother and a father. Marriage encourages unified parenting, providing a default establishment of legal paternity for any child born to the bride, and providing children with protection, nurturing, and provision from both a male and a female role model. Every child, barring incarceration or otherwise strict seclusion, will interact with both women and men throughout his life, and this being raised with the inclusive diversity of both a male and female role model is to his benefit.

While there are parents who die, abandon their children, or must have their parental rights restricted or terminated to protect children, in general, marriage encourages stability and cooperation in childrearing and otherwise codifies a child's natural right to her mother and father.

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zayzayem said...

So won't letting gays marry make them better parents?

beetlebabee said...

Zayzayem, two dads will never make a mom. That's common sense. Every gender has something unique to give to the next generation. That can't be replaced or replicated without loss.

Gina said...

Good post - there is a reason for a mother and a reason for a father for every child.