Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News media omits facts in an attempt to implicate Pope Benedict XVI in covering up child abuse

A former judge for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has shot back at New York Times and Associated Press articles that have attempted to implicate Pope Benedict XVI in a “cover-up” of clerical abuse by Fr. Murphy, and others.

Fr. Thomas Brundage slammed the news organizations for making "a huge leap of logic and information" in connecting the pontiff to the case involving Fr. Murphy, and for failing to do the basic courtesy of contacting him or checking the accuracy of quotations erroneously attributed to him.

"As I have found that the reporting on this issue has been inaccurate and poor in terms of the facts, I am also writing out of a sense of duty to the truth"

"He (the Pope) has been most reactive and proactive of any international church official in history with regard to the scourge of clergy sexual abuse of minors. Instead of blaming him for inaction on these matters, he has truly been a strong and effective leader on these issues."

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sister Mary Agnes Facebook Rosary Passes One Million Views

The co-founder of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love, created a Facebook Rosary application which now has had over a million views.

Sister Mary also has more than 1000 online followers across 5 different social networks.

“It all started with my twitter account. I would do a couple tweets every day after my morning meditation, just about the Scriptures and the Mass of the day... Now I find people following me that aren't necessarily Catholic, just because they like Scripture.”